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Terms and Conditions


Payments may be made by cheque, cash, bank transfer or through credit card. Cheques are considered to be received only after the realization of the payment.

We need 60% advance for any Job. Its advisable to book as early as possible. A booking is considered confirmed only after the advance has been received.

Remaining 40% needs to cleared on the date of the wedding or maximum within 2 days thereafter. Books do not go for printing unless the accounts are clear and at our descretion we may not start post production work on your photos and videos.


All low res images on our websites password protected area- within one week -optional if asked for.

Final edit of the video- within 2 months , although based on volume of work we may deliver it within a month

Final design of the Coffee table Book- within 2 months,  although based on volume of work we may deliver it within a month

Printing of the Book- within 10 -15 days from the date the design is approved.


Though we understand your personal liking before we edit the video, You can get the video edits changed as many times as you want. 

Once the Book is printed, changes can't be made. so you are requested to check the design and other details carefully before it goes for printing.

Frequently asked questions

Why you should clear the accounts ?

Once you clear the accounts we set the deadlines for you and within the framework deliver everything to you. 

What happens if you hold the balance payment ?

Our priority is always towards the clients who have cleared accounts. Since you have held back the payment, there is no rush to finish the job as we have our money with you instead. Also, without receiving the complete payment, we are unable to handover the high res outputs to you, both for video and photography which causes unnecessary complications.

What if the deadlines are not met ?

Its unlikely to happen. If at all there are chances, we will let you know before accepting the first advance from you.

Is it possible to get everything faster ?

Since there is a huge lot of data, everything running into Giga bytes, the handling and transfers in themselves take a lot of time. If you have some urgent needs like visa applications etc, we can always give you a rough draft which should work for your purpose.

I did not opt for an external hard disc.

It is advisable to give us a new hard disc one that all your data is safe. Also since we use macs, its easier for us to format a new hard disc to play on both windows and mac. Also we maintain a backup of all your data on your own hard disc as well besides ours. so you get double back up.

Otherwise we would give you the videos on Blu rays or dvds as opted for.