why do starters and amateurs love online photography courses?

Nothing holds you back !

Online photography courses let you learn from home and there is nothing more convenient than that. You can easily adjust the learning part with your busy schedule. As there are no restrictions involved, you can learn anytime and anywhere, be it home or outdoors while practically experimenting with your photography skills.

You don't need to follow any rules of an institute or an organization. You do things at your own pace without having to cope with a set curriculum. 

Life time membership - keeping the same style as that of our regular course, the online photography course gives you a lifetime membership and access to all the tutorials, practical training videos and everything that gets added updated at no additional cost

Photography is all about practically learning things.

Gives you an immediate solution to any problem... well Photography related problem, though we may try to help you anyway.

Online Photography courses are relatively a lot more affordable when compared to the regular photography courses. It's usually difficult to take out time for learning but then in metropolitan cities, you need to add to that the time for traveling as well. Don't forget to add the traveling cost to the photography course fees, which can be quite high when you do such course from an institute.

It's always about adding your own style to the photography you learn. You need to learn and then move beyond the cliche. Add your own style and characteristic to your work. Online photography courses work as a good guideline and let you have the freedom to express your creativity 

Not all online Photography courses are alike. Since Munish Khanna has a vast experience both in commercially shooting as well as practically teaching photography at his photography school in Delhi, India, the online photography course created by him incorporates the best of everything as he understands what it takes to be a good photographer.

All the course content has been personally written by Munish along with various photographs shot by him as examples. Video footage from actual photography assignments has been included with proper explanations on why and how the lighting setup was done in a particular manner.

A lot of websites claim their course as "India's first and only Wedding Photography course or fashion Photography course" and that's amusing as our's is a complete course by itself and covers all the genres in good depth and detail. 

And it continues to be added!

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