View or Vision? Learn to see Better in Photography  

Taking good photographs is an Art and not just clicking. It has more to do with the photographer’s vision than the brand of camera or lens being used. The actual Knowledge of Photography along with the time spent on shooting, reviewing, and digitally processing your photos is worth more than buying and using expensive photographic equipment.

Expensive digital cameras or fast lenses do have certain features that specific photographers need, such as high-speed shooting for Adventure sports or Shooting in low light conditions but if you really want to improve your photographic success, learn how to shoot better. Be a master of the area you would like to specialise in. Good equipment without a Good Photographer is of no use. Good view without good vision does not make a Good Photograph.

Learn to choose subjects that you are passionate about. You don't have shoot just about everything, which you may do for commercial reasons but not satisfy your own artistic urge. Understand and choose good shooting conditions to ensure that your photographs come out nice and the way you have imagined them to be. Determine your own photographic vision.

And you may drive your inspiration from a thousand photographs but do not straight away copy them. Do it your way. There's nothing that's unique. Some one somewhere is doing the same thing again and again but it's great if it's done with the individual photographers unique vision.

You may also need time to shoot, study, edit, and wait. You may need to wait for better light and contrast when the clouds have covered it all, less wind when you are aiming to take a great macro shot, or even for the subjects that you may be expecting to arrive like the birds and the wildlife. When conditions are good and you are ready to take pictures, you must know your camera well enough that you can start shooting instantly without fumbling with your High tech camera. Digital has it's own merits as compared to Film but this does not mean that everyone with a sophisticated digital camera can become a good photographer without his own contribution to photography. The world of digital SLR photography offers every budding photographer many benefits that make it easier, faster, and cheaper to learn Photography and achieve good shots way more than that was possible with good old film.

"Better photographs" is a very relative term. A great photograph for your grand father may be entirely different from a great photograph for a Photography club or a contest. However, you need to learn what it takes to take better photos, regardless of the genre or the end use. You learn to recognise what it means to go beyond simply capturing subjects and creating images that you can be proud of.

Shot in Ladakh, these women are actually waiting for a bus to arrive. The use of wide angle gives a feeling of being there. Hope you noticed the Banana peel and most importantly notice that there are "Three women and none of them are talking", Isn't that strange !

HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA - This was shot in Haridwar in the evening as two sadhu's were walking in the opposite directions. Released the shutter as they approached each other. Notice the Chilam and the smoke. Not to miss the long strands of Hair. Visually the image conveys a lot and there was no need to be conventionally correct about the image. conventionally one may have wanted to bring out detail in the figures instead fo letting them be in silhouettes.

Belle dancers are typical characteristics of Dubai, UAE. As this man walked up to the dancer it was just the right moment when the dancer gestured a flying kiss. The higher ISO noise or the flare of the light on the right-hand side do not matter but the overall mood of the photograph relates to the actual ambiance of that place.

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Above photographs have been shot by Munish Khanna, a Delhi based Photographer who loves to travel and explore the world through his camera. He has participated in several Photography exhibitions around the world.
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