Aspiring models, do keep this in mind

The Biggest mistake which new aspiring models make is when they mix the Portfolio with the guarantee of work. Many modelling agencies suggest that they will get the models work as well but only if they get their portfolio done from them. some of the important factors new models should keep in mind are summed up bellow.

Portfolio is important first - When you look out for a Photographer to make your portfolio concentrate on the quality of Photographs which the Photographer can give you. Look at his past photographs which will give you a good enough idea about how the Photographer will perform and if he can do justice to your profile. Your Fashion photographer is an artist and you need someone who can enhance your looks and make you look good in front of the camera. He is not essentially a marketing person and it wont make much sense to expect him to promote you as a part of his portfolio fees. You want your photographs clicked by a good photographer because he is good but not because he will promote you. Both may not go side by side. If possible photographers may promote their own models but it is not always necessary due to several reasons. 

Your Portfolio is an investment but the work that you get may not always be the return you should look for or be the reason for investing. You are investing in yourself. In your own good photographs, if you do not get it done now, it might be too late in life later on. If you are unable to make it in the Fashion and Glamour industry, you never lost anything. the money you spent, got you the photographs, you will always admire throughout your life.

Promotion is the next step - A lot of models assume that once the portfolio is done, the job is over. Well, it's just started ! No one can promote you as you can do yourself. The Photographer who has shot your portfolio can guide you and give all possible advice that is necessary to move ahead from time to time.

Are you Ready yet ? Many aspiring models go on to get their portfolio done even when they are not ready yet. Whenever someone contacts me for a Portfolio I usually suggest them to follow a few steps if I feel that they need to loose some weight or get fit otherwise. usually the aspiring models are able to manage with these things and get back for their portfolio when they are more prepared.

I need to shoot urgently ! Nothing works well when done urgently. You portfolio is very important step and you should be well prepared for it before you go for it. Meet the Photographer and follow his advice if any, before you actually go for the Portfolio.

Don't be casual - You are planning to pursue Modelling as a career. take it up as any other career and be very professional about it. If you need to send photographs to someone, send them promptly and through the right channel, be it an email or anything else. It may not be a very good idea if you direct someone to go through your Facebook or other social media profile especially with a lot of personal and candid photos hanging around. Remember, you need your clients more than they they needing you. 

Will do anything to be a model ! what exactly does it mean? Think before you speak. Do not sound too desperate. This is one of the reason why unreputed agencies or professionals may take advantage.

Be Visible - Increase your visibility. market yourself. You may not have a clue how to do it but once you make a small effort, one lead will lead you to another. Go for Auditions and dont shy away from parties if you get invited. The idea is to increase your social circle both offline and online. Go and meet or send across your portfolio to as many agencies as possible and do not restrict yourself to just one city. If you are based in Mumbai, explore Delhi as well and vice versa.

Do not take Rejection personally - There are a lot of factors involved, when clients, agencies or casting directors shortlist or confirm a model /actor. You may have already worked for a similar brand earlier, you may not fit the description of the required character, You might be too tall / short. You might be too good looking that the common man may not relate to you. You may be good looking but not enough so that the common man aspires you. The list can be endless and you will never get to know as to what was the real reason for you not to get selected. So, learn to move on in life.  

Do not Give up too soon - Try again and again. It may take several auditions and interviews for you to finally make it in the industry. One, it may take time and coincidence to get the right kind of role or offer for you. You may be quite beautiful but your talent needs to match the requirement of the shoot or the production. Second, as you go through Auditions, you will soon understand what exactly the casting directors look for and how to go about it.

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