Damsel in Distress !

As a fashion photographer for almost a decade, a new concept always pops up which challenges me at technical and creative levels.

I always try to keep simple composition and paint my photos with light and when there is light there is shadow too. The idea came from an old saying "Damsel in Distress" with not one but 6 prince charming's.

I had the idea, i had the frame in mind but i was not sure what or how should i paint it. Once indoor, you are the master of light and lights are the most important part of photography and as my mentor i also want to be known for painting my "photographs with shadows" and that's not only my inspiration but a task for this life.

High Key was my first choice but it was something while setting up the lights I felt really wrong & we were thrown back to a clean slate, while all the male models were almost ready; when u are racing against time you are most productive. That's the time when you take a bold decision to achieve feats you never have or retreat. As i like to play with lights it was time to experiment with shadows and only inspiration that comes to mind is NEO NOIR - Godfather where Rembrandt was the key to bring out the darkness of the character and a damsel with 6 prince charming must be NOIR somewhere in heart. The biggest challenge was in Godfather it was 1 person here we had 7 people to have that perfect light with fall of shadow as well bringing the expression at same level for all 7 for that micro second when I release my shutter.

Here i would like to add that digital manipulation or editing in Photoshop or lightroom should be considered as important as it is to have the perfect light, pose and make up. while you snap that photograph it is equally important to have that perfect blend while processing the photo in either PS or LR. One should know the real world limitations and possibilities that can be achieved in digital world while keeping the essence of the photograph and aesthetics at natural. Thus create an image to experience that amazing world which a naked eye craves for.

One should always note down the ideas to satisfy the creative urges of monotonous professional life and bring freshness.

A different version of the photograph above.

Photographed by Mukul Saraogi

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