sRGB or Adobe RGB ?

If you will search online, you will find that it is recommended to use s RGB instead of adobe RGB for web or internet. Is it true ? or makes no difference ? Not that an sRGB file is smaller compared to adobe RGB in size but internet browsers like chrome, safari, explorer are supposedly capable to show colours of a smaller gamut file better than the one with a bigger gamut. Check out the images in the gallery, same image saved as sRGB and adobeRGB as to which one appears better to you in your browser. which one shows richer, brighter and deeper colours. For your information, in terms of technicalities, adobeRGB has more colours than sRGB and on your computer screen you are instantly going to make out the difference, provided your monitor has that capability of showing more colours. Well, here over the years of development, are the internet browsers showing that difference if they were not capable enough earlier ? I have always felt, adobeRGB shows up better on the web as well, contrary to what "experts" believe. Do share your observation and feedback. I am looking at the comparison on chrome - on iMac 27 inches and have done so on earlier macs and browsers over the last decade.

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