" A small amount invested in yourself brings a much bigger change compared to thousands spent o

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one often ends up investing huge amounts on equipment, many a times the stuff you end up using very sparingly. If you can afford to buy expensive equipment, go ahead. However if you are on a budget, make a priority list and buy the equipment which will directly have an impact on your photography. Go for a good lens which you intend to use everyday and which constitutes the most of your photography portfolio which you are going to show around. Rather than spending a lot of money on unnecessary equipment invest in yourself. Equipment cant by it self create great photographs. It needs you more than you need the extraordinary equipment. What it means is that you can create a great photograph even with mediocre piece of equipment and the difference is visible only when two pieces of equipment are compared together. Concentrate more on yourself, on your subject rather than chasing the fancy equipment with the photographer next door is using. His photographs are stunning not because of his equipment but because of himself. The time and energy he has devoted to bring out the best in himself and his subject. yes, if you already understand life and light, if you already understand what make a good photography and why, if you already understand who you are and what should you be shooting, buying the best equipment around will certainly help you achieve better results.


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