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Travel tips for Honeymoon

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Although we are wedding Photographers but we do travel a lot and understand the fine intricacies of weddings, hence these tips for the young couples who are taking the first steps towards a blissful married life.

Start Early and plan it together 

count it as very much a part of your wedding planning. It is in fact. As you book your venue, your wedding Photographer and other service providers, do plan out your Honey moon trip as well. As your wedding day approached near by, you will have much less time in hand. Spend the time during your courtship period to plan out the fine details of your Honey moon. This will also help you understand each other better, Know the likes and dislikes of your fiancé. And of course you get the best rates on this earth when you book early. What if you have planned a great trip which is quite adventurous but your fiancé prefers a more relaxing holiday. If one person only plans then the trip may end up being more suitable to one. Getting married is all about being different, yet doing things all together.  Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Don't choose a Honeymoon destination just because everyone goes there.

Well if many people choose a particular destination for their Honeymoon, broadly speaking they might be rightly doing so. What other like, may not exactly be what you like. Ask yourself, if you would like to go on mountains or a beach. An international destination or stay within the country. Deserts and safaris attract you or shopping is the top priority on your mind. Mostly stay in the Hotel or the resort or spend time outdoors.

Strike the right Balance

Pick up a destination or plan the itinerary in such a manner that there is something for both of you. Few days could be more of your choice while few could be the ones which you feel your partner would love more. caring for the feelings of your partner is what the very essence of a successful marriage anyways is. Make a good start and always keep it up ! Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Do not just depend on the Net!

With digital technology, many a times the images are a bit too manipulated. When you actually visit, the place does not even look closer to what you saw in the Travel Images. I do enhance my Travel Photographs but to the extend that they look real and not too artificial. On the other hand do check out the reviews of the real travellers on travel websites like Trip advisor, Lonely Planet etc. to get an idea but do interpret the reviews keeping yourself in perspective. What other may have loved or hated

Do it yourself or a Travel Agent?

This is again a personal choice and depends upon person to person. If you are the kind who would have the time to explore around ad get the information on various destinations, do it yourself. Also, you may find this as a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with your fiance, as you browse through articles and booking websites, sharing your ideas and thoughts with each other.

Many would find this exercise too cumbersome and unwanted at all. Why not go for the services of a Travel Agent. Do keep in mind however that opt for a good reliable reputed Travel agency instead of just about any cheap agency. It helps to book through a Travel Agent as they take care of everything from booking to stay. With contacts, they can certainly help you get good deals and bargains. A good travel agent can certainly add more to your itinerary at an affordable price and with all the convenience.

Check the technicalities

Checkout the technicalities of Bookings and Passports. The surnames of the passports and the validity. Apply for Visa well before time. For visas to many countries you need to have made all the bookings and already made the payments.

Consider the Budget

This is one part, not many would be couples are very comfortable discussing but it's a good idea to do so. More and more families are planning their functions together. They even book a common wedding Photographer for all their functions, irrespective of wether these are from the Groom's or the bride's sides. It saves a lot of costs while availing the services of a good Photographer

As you discuss your Honeymoon budget, you can plan and discuss the areas where you should spend more and where you should cut down on the cost. You may plan to spend more number of days by opting for a relatively cheaper hotel. on the other hand you may want to simply splurge on luxuries of a good five star resort even if you are able to afford it for lesser number of days. Keep in mind that there are overhead costs as well. so simply being able to afford does not really mean that you can afford it. Keep that extra margin in mind. If you are staying in a luxurious resort, keep in mind everything will be expensive as well, from food to commuting to tips. 

Don't leave for Your Honey Moon immediately after the wedding but don't delay it as well.

You do not have to leave for your honeymoon just the next day after you get married but do not let there be a gap.  Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Keep the memories 

Do not forget to keep along a good camera. Carrying along a DSLR may be too intriguing on a romantic getaway but keeping a good compact camera can certainly help preserve the memories forever. However good a mobile phone maybe, dedicated cameras are always the real cameras. You may opt for a good Mirror less camera.

Many people do consider taking along a good professional photographer for the trip but it all depends on the individual preference. If you ask me, though We shoot weddings ourselves, but I feel a third person on a Honeymoon trip may not be a good idea. It's all a private affair and this is the time for the couple to be in their own space and explore and understand each other. Getting good and spontaneous shots is great, but I feel it can best be handled by the couple themselves. Even if the images are technically not too superior, will be spontaneous for sure. Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Do collect the soveniers.

These do not have to be typical tourist stuff but can be something you particularly like which is a unique thing about that place. As you go through these things later in life, it will bring alive all the memories and the moments you first spent together with tour spouse.

Travel Light

Be carefree ! which is only possible if you are travelling light. Carry only the stuff which you are definitely going to need. Just the right stuff to keep it going. After all you are going to go around shopping as well. 

Carry the essentials

Do not head for a holiday without good travel health insurance. Ensure that you adopt the right contraceptive methods unless you are planning to raise a child too early. If a beach is included in your itinerary, carry the necessary swimwear. carry sunscreens, rain covers, backpack.... and a whole list would pop up based on your destination and the weather over there. Refer to travel tips for travellers for more tips.

Be Comfortable

Especially in terms of shoes. In most of the international destinations, one needs to walk around a lot for a lot of reasons. Wear the right stuff. No one knows you out there. You do not have to be formal.

Choose between Privacy and crowd

Many Honeymoon destinations are very popular because they are cheap or you can say, hence they are cheap. Would you like to be a part of the crowd? On the other hand you may even choose a destination which is less popular but lets you be on your own and spend the time together with each other.


while you explore the destination, it goes without saying, do spend time together. These are going to be one of the most romantic days of your life. Get to know each other. Let your spouse know that you care and how much you love each other. A few surprises here and there can make all the difference to your relationship for the days to come in your married life. Go for a Spa or just do lie around relaxing on a secluded beach.  

Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Cross check everything

let one of you take the final call, even though both of you may be equally involved. Make sure that everything has been pre booked. certain things can be planned on the spot but make sure that anything that requires pre booking must be done much beforehand. Planning to see a show, book it before the good seats are sold out or it gets completely booked. Be very sure that all your flights are booked and you have the confirmed tickets. Ensure that you do have a hotel booked for every night of your travel. I create a word document with a table mentioning each and every detail, date wise so that nothing is missed out. This gives you a broad picture of your whole trip. Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Everything doesn't have to be perfect !

Though you have thoroughly planned your Honeymoon and have been looking forward to it, it does not always have to be absolutely perfect. beauty lies in being imperfect and too much of a perfect sometimes turn out to be quite artificial. As long as your very basics of Travel and accommodation are sorted, do not bother too much about other things if they do not turn out to be the way you wanted. be open to change and explore it the way it comes forward.

Best wedding Photographers in Delhi More Travel Tips

You will also find these travel tips for travellers in general, quite helpful in planning your honeymoon trip. 

Munish Khanna, the person behind the leading wedding Photography company - Together We Rock and Weddings We Rock has been travelling around both on Photography assignments and on vacation. With a vast experience in Photography, he has put together this Blog on wedding related topics and another Blog related exclusively to Modelling, Fashion and Advertising Photography besides the most frequently asked questions on learning Photography.




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