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How much is it worth spending money on your wedding Photographer?

March 05, 2018  •  1 Comment

How much to spend on a good wedding Photographer ?

We all start off with a Budget. While some have a very limited budget for the wedding, others do not mind spending lavishly for the Big fat Indian Wedding as they want everyone to thoroughly enjoy and remember the memories associated with your wedding.

From the venue to the food, from the jewellery to the outfits, we get into the fine detail of everything that makes up for the wedding. Though the trend has changed a lot in India, many people still overlook the Photographer and the cinematographer who are actually going to document all your efforts culminating into the grand indian wedding, you had always dreamed of. Once your wedding is done, its the photographs and the video that is going to bring alive all your memories. If you have the Budget, do not hesitate to spend on a good photographer, an artist who is going to showcase your wedding through his camera.

The vision of the Photographer is important here and good talent does come at a price.

The fine detail of your wedding Lehanga, the intricacy of your jewellery, the fresh flowers, the theme of the venue and most importantly your expressions and the emotions that run through the wedding are all captured by the well talented and reliable Photographer.

Many photographers will offer their services at  low competitive prices but a good photographer and his team would never compromise on the quality of the photographs and the videos that they shoot. There are a lot of costs involved when it comes to maintaining good standards. Our Photographers are well paid and then there is back end support at out studio for editing and retouching the photographs. Creating a beautiful film out of your video footage does take time. For reliability backups are taken. Coffee table books are printed by the best in the industry so that your albums do not tear apart or fade way with the passage of time.

Not that you should cut off the budget of your wedding lehanga or the trousseau but do keep in mind to keep your wedding photography budget in proportion to the other parameters so that it all looks equally great in the photographs as well.


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