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Candid Wedding Photography

March 03, 2018  •  1 Comment

Candid Wedding Photography by " Together We Rock ! "- one of the most creative team of photographers and cinematographers 

As far as pure candid wedding photography is concerned, there are quite a lot of misconceptions involved. Some think that it is all about using a longer focal length lens typically a 70-200mm, some feel that candid photography is all about not using a flash. Others feel, the shots taken in natural light are the candid shots. 

For us it's all about the expressions and the natural moments that we specialise in capturing forever with our cameras...more so with our eyes! A longer focal length, flash-no flash are all technical terms and should not really matter as long as the creative purpose of capturing the moment, the candid moment the way it was, is captured, just at the right moment. Its all about shooting at the right moment. 

A good wedding photographer stays alert, and thats what he or she enjoys the most. Alert, not to miss a moment and a memory, which stays with you forever as you miss all the good time you had in your wedding. The photographs and the videos bring alive all these natural memories.

Many of our wedding photographers, when not covering weddings, indulge into street and travel photography which constantly gives them an urge to look for interesting things happening around them. Our wedding Photographers just love the expressions, be it that exciting happy moment when the couple exchanges the "jai malls" or that feeling of separation from her Parents as the bride leaves for the new abode. The photographers are there to document it all, just the way it unfolds without any intrusions.


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