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Wedding Photography-foundation of Together We Rock

September 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

How did it all start with "Together We Rock" the wedding photography and cinematography company.

I have long been in Commercial Fashion and Advertising industry. Am even involved in teaching and training Photographers who wish to make a career as a fashion or Wedding Photography in India or abroad.

Over a period of time, I used to get a lot of enquiries about wedding photography which were turned down by me as we have always been more inclined towards planned and controlled kind of photography as in Fashion and Advertising. Candid and uncontrolled kind of Travel, Art and Street photography has more been a part of my Photography exhibitions held around the globe.

One fine day, one of my clients requested, rather insisted that I should do the photography for the engagement / Roka ceremony of her Daughter. I advised that we don't cover weddings but it didn't help. "It's a small family affair at home only", he mentioned.

However, when we reached, me and my assistant, it wasn't quite so. It was a lavish party in the huge lawn of a huge house! It was more of a challenge now. started shooting more in a manner I would shoot on a street, looking around for angles and perfect light to convey the right mood and atmosphere to convey the feel and scale of the wedding. catching the right expressions and shooting just at the right moment anyways has never been a task for me. So, we were able to cover up the grand event quite well and it was no surprise that we were asked to cover the wedding as well after seeing the results. Best wedding Photographers of IndiaTogether- creative wedding photography

Well, this time I said why not ? Why to turn down this offer and why not set up a new Verticle besides Fashion and Advertising photography. A team was required this time to cover everything as it cant be managed single handedly. Set up interviews and meetings with professionals from Wedding photography and cinematography to set up a team. A team which can deliver good results as per my own specifications. Since I have been training people to become photographers, it was not too difficult to identify the right talent and further to train them to shoot in the manner and way I wanted.

There were people I identified, who had a very good eye but lacked good equipment. Those who had good equipment did not meet my criteria of good photography. So, I decided to invest in Together We Rock in terms of a lot of equipment as well. Bought several cameras and lenses to ensure that the right equipment and right Photographers are on the job

We covered the wedding from one side as we were hired from one side only. It was my first experience shooting a wedding but my team which I had roped in had shot uncountable number of weddings in their career. I realised that it's not a very good idea to have two seperate teams to shoot the same wedding. If there is one good angle to cover a particular ritual and that has been occupied by the other photographer, then you don't have a choice but to settle for another angle. Photography is not just Photography when we talk about good photography. I realized that there were a whole lot of extra people in their team just to take up positions and obstruct our work. 

Fortunately, my team was strong and very well experienced who could easily handle this kind of a situation. I was amused to see that they were quite aware and prepared for such situations. I made it a point that Together We Rock will shoot and represent both sides only and will not accept any wedding where there are two different teams involved. co incidentally, we have always be collectively approached by both bride and the groom and have not needed to turn down an offer.

Our Wedding Photography team was formed. I the first year we were fortunate enough to start off with very good projects. I received few last minute enquiries to shoot the weddings, the dates of which were before the big projects. I decided to take up these projects at no profit at all simply to test our team before the main events ahead. Fortunately there were no hiccups and we are continuing with the same team even today gradually adding in house Editors, Photographers and cinematographers along with latest equipment to be able to shoot around the globe. 

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