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Vision of a good wedding photographer

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View or Vision? Learn to see Better in Wedding Photography  © Munish Khanna

Taking good wedding photographs is an Art and not just clicking another snapshot. It has more to do with any wedding photographer’s vision than the brand of camera or lens being used. The actual Knowledge of Photography along with the efforts made while shooting during a wedding, reviewing, and digitally processing your photos after the wedding ceremonies, is worth more than just buying and using very expensive photographic equipment.

Expensive digital cameras or fast lenses do have certain features that photographers need, such as high-speed shooting during a Dance session or Shooting in low light conditions, as the bride bids her farewell.  For photographic success, it's important to learn how to shoot better. Wedding Photography involves both the need to shoot fast as well as the ability to shoot in low light conditions and interestingly both these situations could also coexist.

Good equipment without a Good Photographer is of no use. Good view without good vision does not make a Good Photograph. Most of the people discuss about the equipment which will be used in a wedding but seldom talk about the photographers who will actually be shooting and creating the wedding pictures you would love and perish forever.

Not everything in a wedding would make a good photograph but as a good candid and creative photographer one would certainly be able to identify and shoot situations which have the potential to make a good photograph.

While some situations may not have enough scope to be creative as these may be straight group shots more for documentations. Weddings provide many other situations which will satisfy the creative urge of a good wedding photographer who understands your style and knows how to blend your style with his own.

The wedding photographers are shooting for you and not just for themselves.

They are an extension of how you would like your wedding pictures and eventually the wedding album to look like. Discuss with them before hand your perspective of wedding photography as well. See to it that the Photographer understands your style. If your ideas do not gel together it may not be a very good idea to go ahead with that particular Photographer. At the same time it also does not make much sense to compare someone else's wedding with yours if it's not on similar lines and level. You cannot expect the same kind of shots, the kind of shots which may have done in a particular lighting and ambience if your wedding is not going to be of the same level. The wedding outfits, lights, decoration, atmosphere, everything adds to the mood of the shot. These are elements around you with which the photographer can play around. Never try to replicate a shot the way it existed in someone else's wedding by some other photographer, though you certainly can draw an inspiration and do it you way and maybe in a better way!

And you may drive your inspiration from a thousand photographs but do not ask your Photographer to straight away copy them. Let him do it his way. There's nothing that's unique. Some one somewhere is doing the same thing again and again but it's great if it's done with the individual photographers unique vision.

You need someone behind the camera who has his own photographic vision and can take your ideas and suggestion further ahead besides adding his own creativity to it.

While your wedding photographer should be able to handle any kind of a situation please do not put too much pressure on him or her for time. The kind of pictures you want, do require time. Not that you are required to hold on and wait for instructions while exchanging rings. These moments need to be caught on the camera more spontaneously but there are other situations which may require your patience.

"Better Wedding photographs" is a very relative term.

A great photograph for the Bride herself may be entirely different from a great photograph for the Photographer. However, you need to learn what it takes to take better photos, regardless of the genre or the end use. You learn to recognise what it means to go beyond simply capturing subjects and creating images that you as well as your client can both be proud of. 

Not all weddings have a situation when the bride is happy and smiling during Doli  /Vidai. While the ambient lights reflect on the front windscreen of the car, the driver was gestured to move aside so that he is not too prominent. The bride was naturaly smiling and she seems to having mixed feeling. The other photographers are shooting through the rear window but this angle was the one which was more candid and spontaneous.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" This is not a regular wedding Photograph. One of the "Together we rock" Photographers shot this moment while close friends were having fun. I could not see her around, when I noticed that she was actually photographing the Bride and the Groom along with their friends from a lower angle right from the middle of the circle of friends. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, Indiawedding photography by "Together we rock" It was interesting to have the rainbow effect along the head of the Bride coincidently matching with the colours of her outfit as well. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India A simple, yet very effective over the shoulder shot of the Bride catches her natural smile with the sparkle in her eyes. One of the candid moments as the Bride gets ready  and waits for the Barat to arrive before she leaves for the wedding ceremony. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India It was important to show the vastness of Pratap palace / The Gateway resort in Ajmer- Rajasthan, the venue for this destination wedding where the couple and the guests specially flew in from Kolkata and Delhi for a grand wedding affair which spread over a number of days with elaborate wedding arrangements. We too had a large team of photographers and cinematographers to cover the mega event from both sides who were al staying at the same place.  Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

I noticed that the ceilings and the pillar formed a triangle and decided to shoot the young couple through this triangle. Adjusting the exposure was a bit of a task but then I feel it was worth it for this "pre wedding shot". This pre wedding shoot was done at Tikli Bottom on the outskirts of Delhi. We shot both photographs and video.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India I could not resist releasing the shutter when I noticed the father sharing some candid emotional thoughts with his daughter who just got engaged. Candid wedding Photography is all about catching different emotions during a wedding. This photograph truly conveys the bond that exists between every father and  daughter.

Above photographs have been shot by the core team of Munish Khanna, a Delhi based Photographer who leads "Together We Rock", a wedding company specialising in Photography and Cinematography


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