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Once upon a Spa

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Setting up this particular shot was not very simple as there was very limited space. The most important feature of a spa is its relaxing mood and atmosphere. Candles form an integral part of a warm and cozy lighting. I decided to take the photograph from top without actually showing the size of the room. Arranged a step ladder so as to create sufficient distance between the subject and the Camera. This enabled me to use a relatively longer focal length as compared to a shorter focal length which I may have to use if I was closer to the subject. The strobe light was balanced with the existing ambient light of the candles. One needs to play around with the Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO to strike the right balance between two different kind of lighting - the daylight balanced flash and the lower colour temperature of the candles. Just the candles would have made the image too yellowish in tone. The strobe, reduces this yet when balanced well keeps the right warmth in the photograph. vlcc spa - munish khanna photographyvlcc spaVLCC spa and Beauty photos shot by Munish khanna

Shot on Canon EOS 5D mark III with the focal length of 55mm on a 24-105mm lens. f10 at 1/30th of a sec (ISO 200) along with a strobe light helped create the required warmth. One can also tweak the white balance on the camera itself or later on through your RAW convertor to achieve the right white balance. The "right white balance" here does not mean the technically right white balance but the one which aesthetically gives the right visual effect.

vlcc spa_006856vlcc spa_006856VLCC spa and Beauty photos shot by Munish

In contrast this photograph had a different kind of relaxing mood to give the feeling of a spa. The lighting is not warm but is soft and soothing.

Above photographs for VLCC spa, have been shot by Munish Khanna, a Delhi based Fashion, Wedding and Advertising Photographer who has undertaken several Advertising Assignments for leading Brands and continues to shoot on high end Medium format cameras with best lighting equipment. Munish has participated in several Photography exhibitions around the world and since a long time has been conducting Photography courses in Delhi along with a complete online photography course. He runs a Successful Wedding Photography and Cinematography company, "Together We Rock", which caters to weddings around the globe.


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