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What is the right wedding outfit for me?

August 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

One big question that arises when you are about to begin the new blissful journey of your life "wedding" is -  "what is the right wedding outfit for me ?"

It's is not so difficult to decide the wedding outfit, once you zero down the month in which you are getting married. It helps you decide the colour scheme and fabric of your wedding attire. For summers you may go for lighter colours while darker colours work better in winters. Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Rich deep colours look better in winters as compared to lighter tones, which stand out better in Summers.

Then see what are your favourite colours and keep in mind the colours which your better half, the Groom likes as you would like to wear what pleases him as well. You want to look beautiful as a bride, not just for yourself but for him also.

Once the colour is decided, plan the jewellery as well. Based on the kind of jewellery you decide, your designer can design the outfit accordingly. If it's a contemporary piece then you can go for an Indian wedding outfit and if it's a modern piece of jewellery then you may plan to wear an Indo-western outfit.

Most importantly, one should choose the silhouette according to the body shape. If you are thin then try to wear a little flowy outfit so that it adds some mass to your figure. on the other hand if you are towards heavier side, then go for fabrics which are not very heavy. Prefer single and dark colours which always makes one look slimmer.

You may also coordinate the colours with that of what the Groom is wearing. Keep in mind the colour scheme and theme of the wedding decor as well. If the overall theme is modern, more traditional indian wear may not look in place. Go for more modern  wedding outfits. Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"

Shot at Samode Palace in rajasthan both the Bride and the Groom are wearing well coordinated outfits going well with the traditional and royal ambience of the Palace.

But one main thing which you should always remember is - " Never loose your essence and Individuality" Don't just copy someone else! Be what you are. And you should look what you are. Wear what you are most comfortable wearing and which compliments your own personality.

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Set in Summers, at the Imperial Hotel, the colours of the bride's outfit are both lighter and brighter! 


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