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Let's explore Pre wedding shoots

August 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

The pre wedding photo shoot can be overlooked when couples about to get married or their parents are checking out for good wedding photographers. They are concentrating on the actual wedding ceremonies especially when the parents are looking for a wedding Photographer who is going to play a key role as the events unfold during the grand Indian wedding saga. Since the Photography team documents everything, it's important to hire a Photographer who is both technically and visually strong in his photography.

Pre wedding shoots have become an integral part of the wedding ceremonies, not officially though! Many people are not aware of this concept and many do it just because others have done is or they have heard about it. If you are not the kind of person who would like to be photographed, it's not really always necessary to go for a pre wedding shoot. On the other hand, you may get it done your way and keep it for your own memory rather than sharing it over the social media just because others are doing so.

Let's explore what exactly is a Pre wedding Shoot for those who do not know ( I wonder if there are any ) It's a photo session of the couple who is going to get married very soon. This is one of the several activities which a couple goes through during their courtship. With an increase in the presence of social media and also the manner in which people love to share their photographs and update what's going on in their lives, the young couples look out for professional Fashion photographers or good candid wedding photographers to shoot their photographs in different outfits and locations. Some couples do it more naturally while other like to do it in a more made-up fashion. But then there is nothing wrong about it. This the age to indulge in all such activities and it's of course great fun for both the couple as well as for the photographer for whom this is an opportunity to express his or her creativity to the best.

If you are sure about your wedding photographer, you may go for a weeding photography package which includes a pre wedding shoot package as well. If you are unsure as yet, you may go for a good well established photographer to shoot your pre wedding moments together without any obligation to shoot the wedding. A lot of good commercial or fashion photographers may do your "Couple Portfolio" but do not have a good team to shoot the wedding. At "Together we Rock" we have a complete set up. While Munish, has a vast experience to shoot fashion and portfolios besides other commercial work, he has a well experience team of good wedding photographers and videographers to shoot the wedding.

Pre wedding shoots also let you be more relaxed stress free in terms of photography as compared to the photo sessions on the actual day of the wedding which is usually quite a busy day with a whole lot of things going on. It's never too late! If you missed it before the wedding, nothing stops you from getting a good photo session done, which may technically not a pre wedding shoot but a collection of good photographs for your own memory for you to cherish in the years to come. Many people get such photo shoots done on their wedding anniversaries or other such occasions. 

Pre wedding shoot also gives you a good chance to understand the working and approach of your wedding photographer and his/her team of assistants, second camera person, cinematographer and the Editor. Although you may have already seen their previous work related to weddings, this gives you a a first hand experience of how they work. Are the professional ? Are they friendly at the same time ? It's very important for a good photographer to strike the righ balance between being professional and being friendly. While rules are important and relevant for both the couple and the photographer, its good to be flexible as well based on your relationship. If you feel the team is not very cooperative, you still have some time to replace them with some other good photographers.

A pre wedding shoot is also an opportunity for the photographer to know and interact with you. To know your likes and dislikes. It gives them an idea about the kind of editing / retouching you prefer on your images. The kind of poses you love to go for. How photogenic you are and what are the angles that work better for you.

Also you can have a good collection of your photographs with your fiancé, the way you are in every day life rather than just have the images shot as the bride and the groom on the wedding day. You can be more casual and relaxed about the whole affair but it's unto you if you wish to be more elaborate and make it more formal and indian.

These pre wedding photographs can be used on the invitations, as a "Save the Date" message or a video. The video can be shown at your reception party or displayed at the venue on the day of the wedding. For whats App - Invitation There are different locations specifically available for pre wedding shoots. However, I personally feel, its very important to incorporate the actual locations, like the restaurant, where you first met or dated. Places you visited together or activities you indulged in together. But practically speaking usually its not possible to shoot at al the places due to restrictions on permission to shoot at all locations and many other limitations. But something like this would certainly relate to you much more than just going to a made-up location and do what others have been doing. But then that's entirely the couple's call. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"


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