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Looking for a Good Wedding Photographer?

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Looking for a Good Wedding Photographer ?

Wedding Photography is just Wedding Photography ! Why all the research looking for a good wedding photographer ?

Wedding Photography has always been about boring and typically staged photographs in a very traditional manner. TOGETHER WE ROCK offers Candid Wedding Photography in which the team concentrates more about moments and emotions than just documentation of the wedding. of course you get the complete documentation of the wedding as well. The TOGETHER WE ROCK photographers are passionate about Photography and inclined towards Fine Art and creative aspects of  Wedding Photography. They understand  that there are candid moments going around all over and not just around the Bride and the Groom. Many good Photographers begin and end with the Bride and the Groom.

There is a whole lot which makes the Indian wedding what it is known as - "the Big fat Indian Wedding". Its not just because everything is lavish in term of expenditure but its also grand in terms of the number of relatives, friends and Guests who are present. The Photographs include not just the key people but as many guests and close friends as possible. The TWR Photographers look forward to capture everything going on in the wedding and no wonder they are one of the best known Wedding Photographers in Delhi. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

What is Candid Wedding Photography ? Had never heard this term earlier !

A Candid Wedding Photographer may not ask you to pose. But thats not a rule at "Together We Rock". We are creative at core and the Photographers are flexible enough to switch roles as and when required. Our Wedding Photographers may not ask you to smile but at the same time won't miss that moment when your are smiling or laughing your heart out. They just love to capture moments and keep an eye around to capture whatever candid moments come their way. Its these moments of fun, anxiety joy of having a new person in your life and at the same time the feeling of going away from your near ones. All these mixed emotions on a single day in a span of few hours, captured for ever in the camera of TWR Photographers and cinematographers in both candid and documentation style of Photography.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India Wedding Stories ? How can Photographs be Stories?

Every family is Different. Every couple is Different. The couple gets married but there several stories going around. How they met? Love or Arranged marriage? Made for each other? Emotions ! Sisters and Brothers ! Blessings of Grand parents ! Fun and frivolousness with friends !

All these are untold stories expressed through Photographs. One good photograph is worth a thousand words. As the events unfold several untold stories find their expression through these candid wedding Photographs !


How much do these storytellers cost ? Is it worth spending so much? This is a simple question but with a complex answer. Weddings can be spread over several days or may wind up within few hours. We may be asked to cover the ceremonies of both the Bride and the Groom or represent just one side. The wedding may be in Delhi NCR or a Destination wedding around the Globe. It may be a small affair in a Banquette hall or spread across a huge Farm house, Place or a Fort. Different parameters including the number of wedding Photographer and Videographers involved will eventually help work out the best possible wedding photography Package for you. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

What we prefer not to do ?

Ideally we almost always represent both the Bride and the Groom. We always take up the complete responsibility of wedding Photography as well as Wedding Filming. We can plan better when its only out team taking care of everything as everyone in our team is well experienced and mature enough to handle any kind of a situation. One unprofessional or non cooperative photographer can adversely effect the efforts of our crew so we  highly recommend not to mix different resources. 
One of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi NCR, India


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