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Wedding Photography Equipment

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Wedding Photography Equipment

It does not matter so much what Equipment has been used for wedding photography but how it has been used. Good equipment, if not used aesthetically and in a creative manner does not by itself let you create beautiful photographs. It's all about the eye behind the camera , be it Photography or Videography, which makes the difference.

At Together We Rock, since it's headed by Munish Khanna, who has been in the field of Photography for the last over two decades is particular not just about the technology but aesthetics as well. The crew of "Together We Rock" is not only technically sound and expert but are especially picked up for their creative eye. Be it pure simple documentation of your event or more creative candid photography or cinematic filming, they will render and aesthetic touch to it. 

As a professional photographer and a Trainer in Delhi Munish is well aware of the fact that professional photography can not be just about techniques, equipment, cameras and lenses alone. For best photography results, the team has to have the passion to execute everything with fine detail. Together we Rock team is always motivated to perform in a most creative manner even under most demanding situations.

Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography

Its the creative eye of the Photographer which caught his attention to capture this moment of the Bride along with the reflection of the lights.

So what Equipment do we use ? Did we ever ask this question to the creators of the recent blockbuster which we loved. We loved it primarily for the reason, the way they made it and the overall impact it left on us. Good equipment did play a role but not alone. It's all about how it was well utilised.

When you decide about your Photography team, equipment alone should not be the deciding factor. If you like the previous work, the equipment should not even be considered to compare. If you relate to the working style and like the earlier photographs  one has shot, go for the team.

It goes without saying, that at Together We Rock, we use the most updated and appropriate equipment required to creatively cover your wedding.


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