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Romancing the Pre wedding Shoot

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What are Pre wedding shoots ? Why not simply call them a Couple's Portfolio. That's what I have been calling it since ages. It's simply a Photography session of a couple together and of course it can be any time and not necessarily before the wedding. It could also be between friends! What's wrong in having some good photographs with your Boy friend or Girl friend? Traditionally in India, it's only fine to declare when you have intentions of getting married or more precisely when your marriage gets fixed.

Why not a "post" wedding shoot after you get married? Why not on your first anniversary? or even Years later. Interestingly, we end up calling it Family Portraits for photographs shot after the wedding.

In India in recent times their has been a boom of Pre wedding Shoots and has almost become one of the key ceremonies and people give it as much importance to other ceremonies like Engagement, mehndi and Sagan.

Our well equipped studio gives you the privacy and you feel more relaxed as compared to shooting on the streets. The settings can range from more romantic to Fun Pre wedding shoot by Munish Khanna - Together we rock Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Monuments work out as a good and effective backdrop for pre wedding shoots, especially when the couple is not Indian. This Chinese couple was photographed at Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi.

Taj Mahal is synonym for True Love and a very sought after location for Pre wedding Shoots. No wonder this NRI couple made it a point to get their photographs clicked at Taj Mahal in Agra. One can either plan a day trip and shoot over the day or plan an overnight trip to Agra, if shooting at sunrise is a priority and you want to keep it more relaxed.

Outside India, Paris is known for lovers coming from around the world. This young couple from Turkey was shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna  

Nothing to beat, shooting on the streets especially areas where you had been dating around. However, do remember, Malls and your favourite hangouts may not allow you to shoot. One can however shoot around on the streets and markets. If you are not effected by the crowds, you can do a lot with the actual surroundings and environment. Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Swimming pools are ideal for a pre wedding shoot especially in summers. "Together We Rock" is fully equipped to take your photographs or make a film underwater as well. So if you a swimming buff, we can help you shoot under water as well. 

Its also a very a good idea to invest in a good location. There are some well designed locations in and around Delhi, which are available for a day to shoot your Pre wedding shoot. Some of the well known ones are Studio Future Forward, The Perfect Location, Tikli Bottom, Picture Destination

Further to all this, when you plan your pre wedding shoot or Film, there are a lot of things which you may want to keep in mind. Will be discussing all that in a different section  

Munish Khanna is a seasoned advertising and fashion photographer who is running a complete wedding Photography and Videography company heading a team of very creative professional photographers.


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