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Same Photographer for both the bride and the groom.

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Q Why is it better to hire the same company to cover the functions of both the bride and the groom.

Not only does it make everything more economical for you, it also improves the overall coordination between different photographers covering the ceremonies. A lot of video recordings are common which can be utilized on both the sides. While the teams may share common footage, they are headed by very talented photographers who work independent of each other rendering their own unique style to the photography and videography data. Further, two independent designers design the coffee table books to give it a distinct identity, while keeping some common style to indicate the same wedding. Overall besides better output you save on your hard earned money as well. Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Another advantage is that the team of Photographers does not further crowd the area around the couple and the venue in general. The team can mutually share the responsibilities and divide the approach and style of photography within the available resources. One could cover the even with a telephoto lens concentrating on closeups while the other can show more of groups interacting with one another.

One may shoot more natural candid photographs as the other photographer is available for regular posed group photographs.

A good video always requires more than one cameras to justify a cinematic experience. As you watch it together, the final video consists of different angles and perspectives put together as a fast cut to cut or a gradualy merging slow motion. Ofcourse along with the beat of the music and the natural existing sound where ever required to document the originality of the scene as it existed during the wedding ceremony or any other event. Generally the visual part is always documented, ignoring the sound. Its important to document the chit chat of the crowd, a shout here and there, the actual music being played, the emotional words as the parents say good bye to the bride...all being as important and supportive to the visuals. All this can be better taken care of if there is one team closely working together rather than different teams who are stranger to one another.   Best Wedding photographer in Delhi"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"



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