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Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi , NCR, India

Together we rock is run and managed by Munish and Shalini Khanna who closely coordinate a team of creative and best professionals from the field of wedding photography and Films, so that you get the very best of everything. Today it is a close knit team of 16 wedding professionals including Photographers, Cinematographers, Editors and retouchers, who follow the same belief of bringing the best out of your wedding moments. Gradually we are increasing our presence in other countries as well besides India.

Your wedding Package can be customised within your budget, based on your location in Delhi NCR or a destination wedding, anywhere around the world. The basic Wedding Photography pack includes coverage of your main wedding ceremony by Two sets of photographers and cinematographers. You get both Candid and conventional styles of photography. The crew size can be added according to your requirement. All packages include High resolution photography and High definition video coverage and editing. You get a selection of photographs on your Hard Disc. Also you get a well edited shorter and longer version of video coverage on a Blu ray disc / dvd /or your own hard disc. Also, sooner you decide and confirm, more you save. Working out the package cost is very simple. Just let us know the details of your function and we will take care of the rest so that you get the best prices for wedding photography within your budget. 

One of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi NCR, India wedding film /Highlight RS

Romancing the Pre wedding Shoot

August 19, 2018
What are Pre wedding shoots? Why not simply call them a Couple's Portfolio. That's what I have been calling it since ages. It's simply a Photography session of a couple t...
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How to find a Good Wedding Photographer

August 19, 2018
Finding a Good wedding Photographer is an exercise you should go through much before your wedding date as good ones get booked fast. Here are a few tips to make your sear...
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Candid Wedding Photography

August 18, 2018
Candid Wedding Photography by " Together We Rock! " - one of the most creative team of photographers and cinematographers As far as pure candid wedding photography is con...
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This is the time of pre wedding shoots and films

August 16, 2018
This is the time of Pre wedding shoots and films! © With changing times the wedding trends and especially the wedding photography trends and styles have...
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Travel tips for Honeymoon

April 18, 2018
Although we are wedding Photographers but we do travel a lot and understand the fine intricacies of weddings, hence these tips for the young couples who are taking the fi...
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Consider these before hiring a wedding photographer

March 11, 2018
Looking for a good wedding Photographer? Do not wait for the last minute! Good wedding photographers get booked early so start your search and bookings at least one year...
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How much is it worth spending money on your wedding Photographer?

March 05, 2018
How much to spend on a good wedding Photographer? We all start off with a Budget. While some have a very limited budget for the wedding, others do not mind spending lavis...
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How much does a pre wedding shoot cost?

September 30, 2017
How much does a Pre Wedding shoot cost or what is the price of a Pre wedding shoot in Delhi or elsewhere in India is a very relative question. It does not have a direct a...
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shortlisting wedding photographs is easy

September 13, 2017
Shortlisting your wedding photographs sounds like quite a task but it's not that difficult. The " Together We Rock " team makes things easier for you by taking care of th...
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Wedding Photography-foundation of Together We Rock

September 10, 2017
How did it all start with " Together We Rock " the wedding photography and cinematography company. I have long been in Commercial Fashion and Advertising industry. Am ev...
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Drone for Wedding cinematography

September 10, 2017
While exploring for Good wedding Cinematographers, I am sure you must have come across the word " Drone". let's check out what exactly is a Drone, well not in too technic...
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Top 10 wedding photographers of India

September 08, 2017
Does it matter if we are amongst the top 10 Wedding Photographers of India? or the top 20? The numbers change but we do have standards to maintain. If one is not amongst...
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wedding photography session

September 07, 2017
Don't forget to fit a slot for the couple's wedding day/ evening Photography session. People while planning the wedding keep a slot and schedule everything else but gene...
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what are wedding films all about?

September 02, 2017
What are Wedding Films all about? Those perfect smiles, long traditional rituals and sequences, Dance and Drama, fun and frolic are all a part of what makes our Indian W...
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Vision of a good wedding photographer

August 27, 2017
View or Vision? Learn to see Better in Wedding Photography © Munish Khanna Taking good wedding photographs is an Art and not just clicking another snapshot. It has more t...
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