What do you get in ROCK 121 ? 

During the wedding  
Candid and creative photography included
Creative Conventional photography  included
After the wedding  
Shortlisting of photographs You can opt to do it your self
Webpage on our website with password Optional.  this is on our website, with password and guestbook.
Retouching of photos selected for the Book

Our retouching is minimal to keep everything very natural and not artificial. We believe in good photography without gimmicks.

Designing of the Book  This is based on mutual discussions. The over all colours are based on the theme of your wedding.
Coffee table book by Canvera The price is not included. You have the option to change the size or number of sheets as per your requirement. Once the book is printed, no changes are possible.


During the wedding  
Candid cinematic Filming Full High definition
Interviews /story telling Optional, if planned. No additional charges.
Choreographed film Optional, if planned. No additional charges
After the wedding  
Editing Final cut pro
Full version of all functions together
Full version of different functions as per the number of functions, sometimes smaller ones may be clubbed together.
Highlight / teaser 1
Duration Duration depends on the content of the functions.
Everything on a Hard disc Hard disc has to be provided by you, cost not included in the package
Blu rays / dvds one set of Blu rays or dvds. Nominal additional cost for more

Anything not listed above, maybe asked for, we may include it complimentary or at an additional cost.







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