name and mobile number of people who can be contacted for any information during the events

Venue addresses-

Date time function venue /address

Would you like us to cover the getting ready /makeup sessions ? If this is in a parlour, kindly request prior permission from them and include the address above.

We would need an exclusive photography and film session with the couple. We request a short period after the formal ceremonies and before the couple breaks for dinner/lunch.

Let us know the flow of events for all functions. Specifically any specific moments which have been planned.

Would you like to have the private webpage on our website?




What kind of designs do you prefer for the coffee table book?

1. More photography- large photographs with supporting design elements if required. A simple yet highly recommended approach.

2. More designing- Some design element is added. A mix of colour /black&white / other tones,  collages

3. Less pictures -bigger size - Recommended

4. More pictures- smaller sized photos. ( The couples photos are still large )


Who will select the Photographs ?

The Main photographs are always selected by us. We request you to select the group photographs you would like to include in the book.







Who all would you like to be interviewed. Kindly provide the name and the number of the person who would help us coordinate the interviews.

We would not prefer too many special effects in the film. let us know if you would like to have special effects like- b/w, sepia, transitions etc.