1. would you like to be interviewed ?

If yes, then on which dates

2. Would you prefer a conventional approach to photography or more candid ?

a. candid b. conventional  iii ) balance of both

3. Prefer a shorter video or a longer version

4. In the coffee table book- you would prefer less but bigger photos

more but smaller photos. A balance of both

5. You do not mind negative space in few pages. No I want the pages to be filled up with photos.

6. Would you like to have the original voices in the video

7. Kindly provide a selection of songs for the video

8. Would you like to have original data ? If yes, kindly provide a hard disc for the same. It should be a new HD.

9. Would you like to approve a few pages of the album as it is being designed?

10. would you select the photos which go into the album or let as decide the same.

11. size of the Book. square, rectangular, vertical, landscape.