The story so far...

with our interview style of shooting, we let you tell your story in your own words. How you met, where you met, these may sound very common, but each one of you has a different story and many a times with a lot of twists and turns around it. We listen to you and have all the patience in the world. :-)

We do not really interview you, we just talk to you and the people close to you, the ones who matter to you. It all happens seamlessly, without you being conscious of the camera. The words, you speak just come naturally and you do not really have to prepare for it....

Your love, your memories, we just help you preserve them forever in a very simple narrative and in your own style.

The Basic price for "The story" starts from Rs. 25000/-

This includes the interviews of the couple along with upto 4 close friends, parents or siblings, covered over a single day or two.

Additional charges @ Rs. 2000/- per person apply towards more people that we interact with or when more number of days are added to the project.






1. The price covers interview of upto 6 people, including the couple, to be shot within a single day.

2. Additional price applies when more number of people or days are added.

3. Although the concept is pre discussed but we reserve the right to shape it up differently for better creative output.

4. We make it most comfortable for the person, being interviewed but its important that you include only the people, who would like to speak and are an important part of your story.