Consider these before hiring a wedding photographer

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Looking for a good wedding Photographer? Do not wait for the last minute!

Good wedding photographers get booked early so start your search and bookings at least one year in advance! It also gives enough time for good photography companies to assign the wedding to their best photographers.

What Photography style suits you the most ? Candid or Traditional ! or Both styles

Understand what kind of photography style, you relate to most. Do you like posed photographs or very natural candid photographs. You wish to cover your wedding in a photojournalistic manner or in a more conventional manner. Discuss all these factors before hand to choose the right wedding photographer for yourself.

The Personality of your Wedding photographer is important too

The Photographer and his team are going to be around all through out your wedding event. In fact they are the one who will be a coordinating a lot of things around, promptly suggesting you in case you get confused with any of the ceremonies as they have witnessed thousands of weddings if not more. The Photographers and Cinematographers pay a key role in the whole wedding, so choose the ones who have a good personality and gels with the elite crowd. They may not be dressed in the most expensive attire but should be presentable enough as they are going to be all around. Our Crew may not be in stiff formals, as they are at work but we do have a strict dress code for the. They are all in their deep blue "Together We Rock" jackets or dark semi formals. Most of them speak fluent English and can communicate well. 

Clear all your Doubts beforehand. Do not assume things.

"I thought this was included" might end up being too risky. Make sure to go through the inclusions and exclusions. If Drone is not mentioned in the inclusions, it can not possibly be arranged at the last moment. Double check all the parameters.

What is your Photography Budget?

It all depends on your taste and style. You may have spent a fortune on the Venue, decor and food but may give little significance to Photography which is actually going to show across your spending. Wedding planners and experts are of the opinion that you Photography Budget should not be less that 10-15% of your total Budget. 

It's unfair to compare the rates of different Photographers.

Different genres in Photography are very relative. Wedding Photography and cinematography requires a large team both while shooting as well as later to retouch your images and to make a good cinematic wedding film. 

Albums are important but make a decision by the style of photography and not just the layout of the albums.

Even if you do not go for a formal Contract when you are dealing with good reputed photographer, do make sure that you have put your point across and everything is very clear. Generally Good reputed Photographers will share all the important highlights of the package and all details in writing with you so that there are no misunderstandings. this also helps you understand the payments terms and various timelines involved in reference to the deliverables.



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