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Start Early and plan it together 

count it as very much a part of your wedding planning. It is in fact. As you book your venue, your wedding Photographer and other service providers, do plan out your Honey moon trip as well. As your wedding day approached near by, you will have much less time in hand. Spend the time during your courtship period to plan out the fine details of your Honey moon. This will also help you understand each other better, Know the likes and dislikes of your fiancé. And of course you get the best rates on this earth when you book early. What if you have planned a great trip which is quite adventurous but your fiancé prefers a more relaxing holiday. If one person only plans then the trip may end up being more suitable to one. Getting married is all about being different, yet doing things all together.  Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Don't choose a Honeymoon destination just because everyone goes there.

Well if many people choose a particular destination for their Honeymoon, broadly speaking they might be rightly doing so. What other like, may not exactly be what you like. Ask yourself, if you would like to go on mountains or a beach. An international destination or stay within the country. Deserts and safaris attract you or shopping is the top priority on your mind. Mostly stay in the Hotel or the resort or spend time outdoors.

Strike the right Balance

Pick up a destination or plan the itinerary in such a manner that there is something for both of you. Few days could be more of your choice while few could be the ones which you feel your partner would love more. caring for the feelings of your partner is what the very essence of a successful marriage anyways is. Make a good start and always keep it up ! Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Do not just depend on the Net!

With digital technology, many a times the images are a bit too manipulated. When you actually visit, the place does not even look closer to what you saw in the Travel Images. I do enhance my Travel Photographs but to the extend that they look real and not too artificial. On the other hand do check out the reviews of the real travellers on travel websites like Trip advisor, Lonely Planet etc. to get an idea but do interpret the reviews keeping yourself in perspective. What other may have loved or hated

Do it yourself or a Travel Agent?

This is again a personal choice and depends upon person to person. If you are the kind who would have the time to explore around ad get the information on various destinations, do it yourself. Also, you may find this as a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with your fiance, as you browse through articles and booking websites, sharing your ideas and thoughts with each other.

Many would find this exercise too cumbersome and unwanted at all. Why not go for the services of a Travel Agent. Do keep in mind however that opt for a good reliable reputed Travel agency instead of just about any cheap agency. It helps to book through a Travel Agent as they take care of everything from booking to stay. With contacts, they can certainly help you get good deals and bargains. A good travel agent can certainly add more to your itinerary at an affordable price and with all the convenience.

Check the technicalities

Checkout the technicalities of Bookings and Passports. The surnames of the passports and the validity. Apply for Visa well before time. For visas to many countries you need to have made all the bookings and already made the payments.

Consider the Budget

This is one part, not many would be couples are very comfortable discussing but it's a good idea to do so. More and more families are planning their functions together. They even book a common wedding Photographer for all their functions, irrespective of wether these are from the Groom's or the bride's sides. It saves a lot of costs while availing the services of a good Photographer

As you discuss your Honeymoon budget, you can plan and discuss the areas where you should spend more and where you should cut down on the cost. You may plan to spend more number of days by opting for a relatively cheaper hotel. on the other hand you may want to simply splurge on luxuries of a good five star resort even if you are able to afford it for lesser number of days. Keep in mind that there are overhead costs as well. so simply being able to afford does not really mean that you can afford it. Keep that extra margin in mind. If you are staying in a luxurious resort, keep in mind everything will be expensive as well, from food to commuting to tips. 

Don't leave for Your Honey Moon immediately after the wedding but don't delay it as well.

You do not have to leave for your honeymoon just the next day after you get married but do not let there be a gap.  Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Keep the memories 

Do not forget to keep along a good camera. Carrying along a DSLR may be too intriguing on a romantic getaway but keeping a good compact camera can certainly help preserve the memories forever. However good a mobile phone maybe, dedicated cameras are always the real cameras. You may opt for a good Mirror less camera.

Many people do consider taking along a good professional photographer for the trip but it all depends on the individual preference. If you ask me, though We shoot weddings ourselves, but I feel a third person on a Honeymoon trip may not be a good idea. It's all a private affair and this is the time for the couple to be in their own space and explore and understand each other. Getting good and spontaneous shots is great, but I feel it can best be handled by the couple themselves. Even if the images are technically not too superior, will be spontaneous for sure. Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Do collect the soveniers.

These do not have to be typical tourist stuff but can be something you particularly like which is a unique thing about that place. As you go through these things later in life, it will bring alive all the memories and the moments you first spent together with tour spouse.

Travel Light

Be carefree ! which is only possible if you are travelling light. Carry only the stuff which you are definitely going to need. Just the right stuff to keep it going. After all you are going to go around shopping as well. 

Carry the essentials

Do not head for a holiday without good travel health insurance. Ensure that you adopt the right contraceptive methods unless you are planning to raise a child too early. If a beach is included in your itinerary, carry the necessary swimwear. carry sunscreens, rain covers, backpack.... and a whole list would pop up based on your destination and the weather over there. Refer to travel tips for travellers for more tips.

Be Comfortable

Especially in terms of shoes. In most of the international destinations, one needs to walk around a lot for a lot of reasons. Wear the right stuff. No one knows you out there. You do not have to be formal.

Choose between Privacy and crowd

Many Honeymoon destinations are very popular because they are cheap or you can say, hence they are cheap. Would you like to be a part of the crowd? On the other hand you may even choose a destination which is less popular but lets you be on your own and spend the time together with each other.


while you explore the destination, it goes without saying, do spend time together. These are going to be one of the most romantic days of your life. Get to know each other. Let your spouse know that you care and how much you love each other. A few surprises here and there can make all the difference to your relationship for the days to come in your married life. Go for a Spa or just do lie around relaxing on a secluded beach.  

Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Cross check everything

let one of you take the final call, even though both of you may be equally involved. Make sure that everything has been pre booked. certain things can be planned on the spot but make sure that anything that requires pre booking must be done much beforehand. Planning to see a show, book it before the good seats are sold out or it gets completely booked. Be very sure that all your flights are booked and you have the confirmed tickets. Ensure that you do have a hotel booked for every night of your travel. I create a word document with a table mentioning each and every detail, date wise so that nothing is missed out. This gives you a broad picture of your whole trip. Best wedding Photographers in Delhi

Everything doesn't have to be perfect !

Though you have thoroughly planned your Honeymoon and have been looking forward to it, it does not always have to be absolutely perfect. beauty lies in being imperfect and too much of a perfect sometimes turn out to be quite artificial. As long as your very basics of Travel and accommodation are sorted, do not bother too much about other things if they do not turn out to be the way you wanted. be open to change and explore it the way it comes forward.

Best wedding Photographers in Delhi More Travel Tips

You will also find these travel tips for travellers in general, quite helpful in planning your honeymoon trip. 

Munish Khanna, the person behind the leading wedding Photography company - Together We Rock and Weddings We Rock has been travelling around both on Photography assignments and on vacation. With a vast experience in Photography, he has put together this Blog on wedding related topics and another Blog related exclusively to Modelling, Fashion and Advertising Photography besides the most frequently asked questions on learning Photography.



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Consider these before hiring a wedding photographer  

Looking for a good wedding Photographer? Do not wait for the last minute!

Good wedding photographers get booked early so start your search and bookings at least one year in advance! It also gives enough time for good photography companies to assign the wedding to their best photographers.

What Photography style suits you the most ? Candid or Traditional ! or Both styles

Understand what kind of photography style, you relate to most. Do you like posed photographs or very natural candid photographs. You wish to cover your wedding in a photojournalistic manner or in a more conventional manner. Discuss all these factors before hand to choose the right wedding photographer for yourself.

The Personality of your Wedding photographer is important too

The Photographer and his team are going to be around all through out your wedding event. In fact they are the one who will be a coordinating a lot of things around, promptly suggesting you in case you get confused with any of the ceremonies as they have witnessed thousands of weddings if not more. The Photographers and Cinematographers pay a key role in the whole wedding, so choose the ones who have a good personality and gels with the elite crowd. They may not be dressed in the most expensive attire but should be presentable enough as they are going to be all around. Our Crew may not be in stiff formals, as they are at work but we do have a strict dress code for the. They are all in their deep blue "Together We Rock" jackets or dark semi formals. Most of them speak fluent English and can communicate well. 

Clear all your Doubts beforehand. Do not assume things.

"I thought this was included" might end up being too risky. Make sure to go through the inclusions and exclusions. If Drone is not mentioned in the inclusions, it can not possibly be arranged at the last moment. Double check all the parameters.

What is your Photography Budget?

It all depends on your taste and style. You may have spent a fortune on the Venue, decor and food but may give little significance to Photography which is actually going to show across your spending. Wedding planners and experts are of the opinion that you Photography Budget should not be less that 10-15% of your total Budget. 

It's unfair to compare the rates of different Photographers.

Different genres in Photography are very relative. Wedding Photography and cinematography requires a large team both while shooting as well as later to retouch your images and to make a good cinematic wedding film. 

Albums are important but make a decision by the style of photography and not just the layout of the albums.

Even if you do not go for a formal Contract when you are dealing with good reputed photographer, do make sure that you have put your point across and everything is very clear. Generally Good reputed Photographers will share all the important highlights of the package and all details in writing with you so that there are no misunderstandings. this also helps you understand the payments terms and various timelines involved in reference to the deliverables.


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How much is it worth spending money on your wedding Photographer? How much to spend on a good wedding Photographer ?

We all start off with a Budget. While some have a very limited budget for the wedding, others do not mind spending lavishly for the Big fat Indian Wedding as they want everyone to thoroughly enjoy and remember the memories associated with your wedding.

From the venue to the food, from the jewellery to the outfits, we get into the fine detail of everything that makes up for the wedding. Though the trend has changed a lot in India, many people still overlook the Photographer and the cinematographer who are actually going to document all your efforts culminating into the grand indian wedding, you had always dreamed of. Once your wedding is done, its the photographs and the video that is going to bring alive all your memories. If you have the Budget, do not hesitate to spend on a good photographer, an artist who is going to showcase your wedding through his camera.

The vision of the Photographer is important here and good talent does come at a price.

The fine detail of your wedding Lehanga, the intricacy of your jewellery, the fresh flowers, the theme of the venue and most importantly your expressions and the emotions that run through the wedding are all captured by the well talented and reliable Photographer.

Many photographers will offer their services at  low competitive prices but a good photographer and his team would never compromise on the quality of the photographs and the videos that they shoot. There are a lot of costs involved when it comes to maintaining good standards. Our Photographers are well paid and then there is back end support at out studio for editing and retouching the photographs. Creating a beautiful film out of your video footage does take time. For reliability backups are taken. Coffee table books are printed by the best in the industry so that your albums do not tear apart or fade way with the passage of time.

Not that you should cut off the budget of your wedding lehanga or the trousseau but do keep in mind to keep your wedding photography budget in proportion to the other parameters so that it all looks equally great in the photographs as well.

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Candid Wedding Photography Candid Wedding Photography by " Together We Rock ! "- one of the most creative team of photographers and cinematographers 

As far as pure candid wedding photography is concerned, there are quite a lot of misconceptions involved. Some think that it is all about using a longer focal length lens typically a 70-200mm, some feel that candid photography is all about not using a flash. Others feel, the shots taken in natural light are the candid shots. 

For us it's all about the expressions and the natural moments that we specialise in capturing forever with our cameras...more so with our eyes! A longer focal length, flash-no flash are all technical terms and should not really matter as long as the creative purpose of capturing the moment, the candid moment the way it was, is captured, just at the right moment. Its all about shooting at the right moment. 

A good wedding photographer stays alert, and thats what he or she enjoys the most. Alert, not to miss a moment and a memory, which stays with you forever as you miss all the good time you had in your wedding. The photographs and the videos bring alive all these natural memories.

Many of our wedding photographers, when not covering weddings, indulge into street and travel photography which constantly gives them an urge to look for interesting things happening around them. Our wedding Photographers just love the expressions, be it that exciting happy moment when the couple exchanges the "jai malls" or that feeling of separation from her Parents as the bride leaves for the new abode. The photographers are there to document it all, just the way it unfolds without any intrusions.

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How much does a pre wedding shoot cost? How much does a Pre Wedding shoot cost or what is the price of a Pre wedding shoot in Delhi or elsewhere in India is a very relative question. It does not have a direct answer.

First of all when we talk about a pre wedding shoot or a couple's portfolio, we start concentrating a lot on factors like the number of looks, location and other such parameters. We talk about the complete package.

"Together we Rock", being a professional wedding photography company gives you a complete breakup of everything and gives you the choice to opt for different variables involved and include what you want and leave out what you don't need. The price clearly mention that what is the professional fee of the Photographer and / or the cinematographer who is undertaking you pre wedding shoot. It could just be the Photographer if you opt for just photographs or a cinematographer as well if you plan to go for a pre wedding film as well. Now let's consider the other variables involved- There are good makeup artists and there are average makeup artists. Since makeup and hair plays a very important role in your pre wedding shoot we always recommend a makeup artist who is good and has a good reputation. It's all a team work. Makeup is the starting point of your shoot and the whole look, we will never settle for anyone who is not good enough as it eventually reflects in all the photographs. "Together We Rock" always hires some of the most reputed makeup artists depending upon the availability of dates.

Location is next. There are locations which do not cost anything at all but yes, you do face the inconvenience as well. It's not practically possible to change outfits or a place to get the makeup done. There are specific locations exclusively for the purpose of pre wedding shoots. These locations come with different price tags along with their own terms and conditions. "Together we Rock" team guides you and let's you understand everything clearly explaining the pros and cons of going for one location versus the other. Based on the kind of look you want, TWR team suggests and recommends the location. Also the amount of money you wish to spend plays an important role.

For a cinematic effect, it's crucial to add more than one camera. Drones also add to the feel and look of the film, as well as the budget.

How many looks do you want to shoot? You do not really pay for the number of looks as much as you pay for the time. Now if you plan to do lesser number of looks, does not mean that you can or you should pack up faster. In fact, do it all in a more relaxed manner. What's the rush ? Enjoy your pre wedding shoot. You are doing it out of choice and not as a compulsion. It's fine if you don't try out everything in your pre wedding shoot but it's very important that you do it well and have fun. When you hire a good photographer, or book a location, it's for the whole day - upto a number of hours. Good professional photographers would not do more than one pre wedding shoots on a single day, so spending less time on the shoot may not really affect the price. 

So in realistic terms, it's very difficult to say that how much does a Pre wedding shoot cost in Delhi or in other part of the world. You may compare the professional fees being charged by a particular photographer and compare the portfolio of other photographers in the same bracket to get an idea.  Pre wedding shoot by Munish Khanna - Together we rock

pre wedding shoot price

A Cinematic wedding video shot by Together We Rock team

Together we rock, is run and managed by Shalini and  Munish Khanna who closely coordinate a team of creative and seasoned wedding photographers from the field of Films and Photography, so that you get the very best wedding Photographers in Delhi or anywhere else for your Destination wedding.

Do check out Facebook Reviews

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shortlisting wedding photographs is easy Shortlisting your wedding photographs sounds like quite a task but it's not that difficult. The "Together We Rock" team makes things easier for you by taking care of this task for you. We do shoot a lot, not missing on any of your precious moments. while most of the shots are good as we all are professional photographers, experts in this genre of photography- and know weddings inside out. We ensure that we remove the rejects and not include any shots which are not close to perfection. 

While shortlisting wedding photographs, its a good idea to exclude instead of thinking about what to include. Once you have excluded the shots, it becomes easier to consider and explore the shots which are left out. TWR team with several years of vast experience in Photography and cinematography knows it all like second nature. We may have a number of shots of a particular person in the wedding with different expressions and postures but will shortlist the ones which we feel are the best and compliment the person rather than picking up everything. In some cases, we may include a number of shots as a part of the series if the person concerned is a very close relative or one of the key people involved in the wedding.

Although we don't get any out of focus or wrongly exposed shots but in a rare case that we do have any such shots, we correct them or do not include them unless we feel that the shot is technically a bit imperfect but aesthetically too strong. Interestingly, clients always ask for more photographs. We all do get fascinated with higher numbers, except when it comes to the Budgets :-)

One area where you score better than us is in the selection of the group photographs. You are the best judge on deciding which all groups will make it to the final album or the coffee table book. A good option is to keep a separate album or book just for the groups and let the main wedding album be exclusively for the wedding couple, close family and friends featuring all the ceremonies and candid moments arranged in a neat and creative manner. Adding too many photographs restricts the fine layout of the book. Lesser images also translate to larger and more impressive Photographs. If you have gone for a larger wedding book why not have larger full page size photographs as well. 

The concern should be Good wedding photographs and not a large number of photographs. If there is a lot going on in your event, you certainly will get a lot of good wedding photographs but a number cant be increased just for the sake of increasing the number.

Can you imagine how it would be if you were asked to watch an unedited version of all the footage of a Bollywood blockbuster? Once again, we do not miss on shooting anything as the events in your wedding unfold but put across only the best and the most interesting moments for you in your finely cut version of the Wedding film. We give you a short and crisp version and another version which is relatively extended which covers everything in detail as compared to the shorter version or the Highlight. Any footage that we feel does not contribute much in making it a good film is not included in your final version.

Do you get everything? A lot of clients insist and ask for everything. For your backup we do give you everything when you hand over a good capacity hard disc to us. These datas are huge and without your hard disc, it's not possible to do so. In case you wish to retrieve any image or footage at a later stage, you have all the backup with you and you can put together the images anytime.

Best wedding photographers in Delhi Best wedding photographers in Delhi

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Wedding Photography-foundation of Together We Rock How did it all start with "Together We Rock" the wedding photography and cinematography company.

I have long been in Commercial Fashion and Advertising industry. Am even involved in teaching and training Photographers who wish to make a career as a fashion or Wedding Photography in India or abroad.

Over a period of time, I used to get a lot of enquiries about wedding photography which were turned down by me as we have always been more inclined towards planned and controlled kind of photography as in Fashion and Advertising. Candid and uncontrolled kind of Travel, Art and Street photography has more been a part of my Photography exhibitions held around the globe.

One fine day, one of my clients requested, rather insisted that I should do the photography for the engagement / Roka ceremony of her Daughter. I advised that we don't cover weddings but it didn't help. "It's a small family affair at home only", he mentioned.

However, when we reached, me and my assistant, it wasn't quite so. It was a lavish party in the huge lawn of a huge house! It was more of a challenge now. started shooting more in a manner I would shoot on a street, looking around for angles and perfect light to convey the right mood and atmosphere to convey the feel and scale of the wedding. catching the right expressions and shooting just at the right moment anyways has never been a task for me. So, we were able to cover up the grand event quite well and it was no surprise that we were asked to cover the wedding as well after seeing the results. Best wedding Photographers of IndiaTogether- creative wedding photography

Well, this time I said why not ? Why to turn down this offer and why not set up a new Verticle besides Fashion and Advertising photography. A team was required this time to cover everything as it cant be managed single handedly. Set up interviews and meetings with professionals from Wedding photography and cinematography to set up a team. A team which can deliver good results as per my own specifications. Since I have been training people to become photographers, it was not too difficult to identify the right talent and further to train them to shoot in the manner and way I wanted.

There were people I identified, who had a very good eye but lacked good equipment. Those who had good equipment did not meet my criteria of good photography. So, I decided to invest in Together We Rock in terms of a lot of equipment as well. Bought several cameras and lenses to ensure that the right equipment and right Photographers are on the job

We covered the wedding from one side as we were hired from one side only. It was my first experience shooting a wedding but my team which I had roped in had shot uncountable number of weddings in their career. I realised that it's not a very good idea to have two seperate teams to shoot the same wedding. If there is one good angle to cover a particular ritual and that has been occupied by the other photographer, then you don't have a choice but to settle for another angle. Photography is not just Photography when we talk about good photography. I realized that there were a whole lot of extra people in their team just to take up positions and obstruct our work. 

Fortunately, my team was strong and very well experienced who could easily handle this kind of a situation. I was amused to see that they were quite aware and prepared for such situations. I made it a point that Together We Rock will shoot and represent both sides only and will not accept any wedding where there are two different teams involved. co incidentally, we have always be collectively approached by both bride and the groom and have not needed to turn down an offer.

Our Wedding Photography team was formed. I the first year we were fortunate enough to start off with very good projects. I received few last minute enquiries to shoot the weddings, the dates of which were before the big projects. I decided to take up these projects at no profit at all simply to test our team before the main events ahead. Fortunately there were no hiccups and we are continuing with the same team even today gradually adding in house Editors, Photographers and cinematographers along with latest equipment to be able to shoot around the globe. 

Top wedding Photographers in india


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Drone for Wedding cinematography While exploring for Good wedding Cinematographers, I am sure you must have come across the word " Drone". let's check out what exactly is a Drone, well not in too technical terms, but just the stuff you may wish to know out of curosity. Before the Drones came in, the only possibility of shooting your wedding with an aerial view was to hire a helicopter an option which common people in general could not afford. Today's its certainly possible for us to employ a Drone to get those sweeping aerial shots of your Wedding venue, Rituals or even use it for your Pre Wedding shoots.

So, What exactly is a drone?

Basically a Drone is a small sized unmanned aircraft known as UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle. These can fly autonomously or can be controlled through a remote along with a view of the scene it is viewing and recording. Drones began with their usage in Army operations but are today being used for various activities ranging from basic traffic monitoring to understanding wild life to study flood impacts.

Worldwide, as Drones became available commercially, most of the wedding cinematographers started using them in weddings as a normal practice.

There are categories and qualities within Drones as well. A Drone is not just a Drone. There is more than that to it. A lot depends on the talent of the Person who is handling it both technically as well as aesthetically. What is the quality of the camera installed in the Drone ? Does it have a stabiliser? Is it equipped with the technology that it won't collide with anything. Yes, new drones are equipped with the technology that they simply can't collide with that expensive chandelier in the middle of your Wedding Hall or banquette.

Drone's cant get lost or fall somewhere. These are fully equipped with GPS systems and are very easy to navigate. Low Battery? very simple, it will return back to where it started from. Falling on someone's head :-), Not Possible. Especially with today's technology.

Yes, if you let it be handled by just about anyone, which may generally happen in Indian wedding scenario, the person may not be trained enough to understand the technology and oversee any warnings.  

Why you should certainly add an aerial view to your wedding?

If you go through the wedding films on this Blog, you will notice that it simply looks great and no explanations are really required to justify the use of Drones in your wedding to capture the Baraati's dancing along the Groom, or any other celebrations and rituals happening outdoors. Outdoors, I mentioned because ceilings indoors are very low and the use of Drone for an aerial view does not make much sense. Moreover, due to unfound reasons, most the Weddings venues do not permit its usage indoors for fear of any damage to their property. Interestingly, drone can be flown at a very low height as well and can be kept in the air in the static position as well.  

It's important for both the client and the Wedding Cinematography team to ensure that all Laws related to use of Drones is being followed. It goes without saying that "Together we rock" would not do anything which breaks the law in any manner what so ever. Further we ensure that it does not infringe into someone's privacy. There are certain heights which need to be maintained so as not to be a cause of problem to the Aircraft or Security radar systems which operate above a certain height. Of course, Drones can't be used close to Airports or any other high sensitive areas, unless they are kept at a very low height. However, in such situations if your venue is around these areas to avoid any untoward incident, Together we Rock, anyways does not use drones.

wedding film /Highlight RS #weddingcinematography #weddingphotography #togetherwerock

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Top 10 wedding photographers of India Does it matter if we are amongst the top 10 Wedding Photographers of India ? or the top 20? The numbers change but we do have standards to maintain. If one is not amongst the top bracket of Wedding photographers, it does not really matter as the expectations are not too high. On the other hand once people start recognizing you for the work that you do, the numbers do not matter at all. Together we Rock was set by Munish Khanna, who has been into commercial photography since 1993, that is over two decades. His experience besides commercial, Fashion and Advertising photography includes Teaching Photography as well.

Together We Rock, soon created a niche for it self as one of the reputed wedding photography and cinematography companies in India and soon reached a position where it is very important for us all to ensure that we continue to deliver the best of everything and most importantly more than what we have committed to our clients, who are usually the couples themselves. Interestingly almost all the times, "Together We Rock" has been hired by the couple rather than by the Parents. Probably the new generation gives more weightage to photography and understands the value to good creative photography. And that's good for us as well as we get an opportunity to interact directly with the couple Amongst the couple as well, mostly the Girl has always been more involved in all the details of Photography and Cinematography. Probably that's how it is anyways, Women love to be very particular about each and everything involved with their wedding. Be it the venue, food, Decoration, Trousou or anything else. Men are cool about and know that things will be better off and safer in the the hands of their fiancee. And that's true as well :-)

"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" Besides good equipment which is periodically updated, we have invested a lot in good talent. After all, its the eye behind the camera that matters the most. Even if the Photography equipment is very good but the Photographer or the cinematographer is not good enough to handle it all, its not going to result in a good collection of wedding photographs or Films. We ensure that its the right person for the right occasion, someone who knows his/her job very well and is easy to work with. Someone who understands your requirements and is enthusiastic about giving you the desired results. 

To ensure that you get all the Photographs and Films along with the coffee table books we have set up an in house editing studio with 27" iMacs. All our Film editing is done on Final cut Pro. The wedding albums are printed in Bangalore by Canvera, which is one of the best and most professional in the printing of coffee table books in India. If you are based abroad, anywhere outside India we have tie ups with several labs both in America and Europe for printing and delivery of your Albums / coffee table books at your door step anywhere in the world. Even in India the coffee table books are delivered to your home at no additional cost.

For us, it's very important to take all the details of your wedding beforehand and it helps to know the couple. Not that we know the couple but we get to know the couple as we interact with them and we get to know them better when we shoot them for their pre wedding pictures which they can use for Invitations or Posters or just for their personal collection. the couple also feels more comfortable with the team they already know as wedding photographers are every where, where ever you are on your wedding :-)

There is also a lot of responsibility on us. Besides ensuring the quality of photographs and videos, which is kind of second nature for us, it's very important to take care of the fact that all your data is secure and safe. Digital has a lot of advantages but at the same time there are quite a few risks involved as well. We include the price of a one or two TB hard disc depending upon the scale of your functions, simply to ensure that we have two backups of all your data and its stored in your hard disc as well as ours. Also we pass on all the data along with your well edited photographs and films so that in case you wish to do any thing about it in years to come, you can get it done. Since datas are huge, it's not possible for us to save all projects with us.

We are as excited as you are to see the final outcome so we don't waste a moment after the wedding to bring out the final Images and videos to you. We upload you assorted random select photographs online on a password protected page so that you can view them at the earliest possible. The High resolution file sizes are huge today and transferring and rendering the files does take a lot of time. So based on the number of ceremonies involved we always give you a realistic timeline and a deadline which we can practically follow due to technical reasons. In general we are able to give you everything within a month or two. Most important functions are done first followed by smaller ceremonies so that you keep getting the stuff as it gets ready.  

One of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi NCR, India

We also keep our prices along with terms and conditions very transparent and clear to avoid any misunderstandings. This definitely helps develop a good long lasting relation ship with our clients who are more like friends to us.

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wedding photography session Don't forget to fit a slot for the couple's wedding day/ evening Photography session.

People while planning the wedding keep a slot and schedule everything else but generally end up ignoring a specific slot for the wedding photographers to take some stylised photographs of the new wed couple. These are the images which will probably end up on the cover of your wedding album or coffee table book.

Well, its good to have a lot of candid shots of the couple and a good wedding photographer can certainly get a good enough number of Natural spontaneous photographs as they spend some candid moments together on the stage or as they participate in various Indian rituals through the night. The Jai mala, the Pheras, Bidai and all other moments in between make for good photographs but still nothing to beat the conventional Portrait session. Not that it has to be done in a cliche manner, but a Portrait session of the newly wed or about to be wed couple definitely is a significant part of the wedding schedule and it helps to spare few minutes to about half an hour for it.

Destination weddings are always fun especially when the destination is Pushkar - Ajmer in Rajasthan. This session at Pratap Palace, Pushkar was done very late at night when celebrations were over and everyone but for the mischevious friends, had gone back to their rooms. What you don't see in the Photograph is the bunch of friends imitating the poses :-)

"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"

Tivoli gardens in Chattarpur area in Delhi has one of the open areas with the train compartments on one side. the young couple was photographed along the train after the Sagan ceremony. 

Another one shot in one of the corridors of Tivoli garden. wedding photography by "Together we rock" When there is time at hand, the wedding photographers are not under so much pressure to shoot fast. It's a creative job and a team work between the Photographer and the couple. "Together we Rock" Photography and cinematography team discusses with the client beforehand if the couple is interested in the Portrait session so that they can keep it in mind and spare a slot for it. 

"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" Another one from a Destination wedding in Rajasthan. samode palace on the outskirts of Jaipur in Rajasthan is quite a sort after Destination wedding venue.

A Candid spontaneous moment captured forever on their 25th Anniversary. Portrait session don't alway have to be very formal and good photographers do get a chance to capture some natural moments in between as well.

]]> (Best Wedding Photographers of Delhi, India -TWR) candid wedding photographers cinematic weddings destination wedding photography wedding photographers in delhi ncr Thu, 07 Sep 2017 12:03:37 GMT
what are wedding films all about? What are Wedding Films all about ?

Those perfect smiles, long traditional rituals and sequences, Dance and Drama, fun and frolic are all a part of what makes our Indian Weddings great. Sometimes, photographs alone are unable to relive the exact larger than life canvas of your weddings. This is where our creative cinematography brings alive your memories of all those special moments. This is a short wedding film of your wedding so that you can watch it again and again besides sharing with your family and friends over the social media or otherwise. Unlike videos of the past, these are precise and crisp, showing only the best of the moments put together as one wedding film.

TWR team, of artistic and creative Cinematographers, are simply passionate to make their way around the dancing Family and friends during the Baraat or around the DJ as they shake their legs on the beats of Bollywood numbers. They are there discreetly capturing those precious moments as you say good bye to the bride. As you meet and greet your guests You may not get the time to run through everything in your wedding as you planned it or enjoy the beats of the live band but we will document everything for you to enjoy it later on. Our wedding films give the right touch of glamour to your wedding. 

Any wedding with grand decoration and a lavish setup would be incomplete without actually documenting it all. It's important that all this is documented and presented by an equally competent team of photographers and cinematographers who can show the scale of your wedding. 

Besides the visuals, the sound is just as important. This is one area where photography takes a back seat and cinematography plays a vital role. The sound of Pheras, the fun and frolic of the crowd as you share "Jai malas", The cheers, the speeches, the performances, Live music all add up to the memories of your wedding day and not just the visuals. Together We Rock's cinematography team gives special attention to recording sound as well where ever important and relevant. After all, a good wedding film would be incomplete without sound.

We also explore the possibility of including few candid statements by key friends and relatives. Not everyone is very enterprising with words but a line or two by the family adds a lot to the wedding film. The couple can ofcourse speak about their relationship in length. Some couple's prefer keeping their relations personal and avoid talking about it. They can talk about more general stuff. It's not important to prepare a speech for your "interview session" but it makes more sense when you keep it natural and spontaneous. Its great to record the couple in an actual candid conversation. TWR team makes it comfortable to "talk about" if you plan to include words in your pre wedding video or the actual wedding video.

As a part of the Wedding film, you can opt to have a Pre wedding film, A wedding invitation film or "save the Date" video, a whats app Invite, A teaser of your actual wedding film. You can discuss various option that are available as you book your wedding photography - videography team.

Wedding films by Together we rock are in fact a promise of love and trust along with a deep sense of assurance to keep your wedding memories thriving forever.

For whats App - Invitation

 This "save the date" video was shot at Tikli Bottom in Delhi NCR as a part of the Pre wedding film. You can always plan and shoot a part of the pre wedding film in a manner that it looks appropriate as a story for your wedding invitation as well.


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Vision of a good wedding photographer View or Vision? Learn to see Better in Wedding Photography  © Munish Khanna

Taking good wedding photographs is an Art and not just clicking another snapshot. It has more to do with any wedding photographer’s vision than the brand of camera or lens being used. The actual Knowledge of Photography along with the efforts made while shooting during a wedding, reviewing, and digitally processing your photos after the wedding ceremonies, is worth more than just buying and using very expensive photographic equipment.

Expensive digital cameras or fast lenses do have certain features that photographers need, such as high-speed shooting during a Dance session or Shooting in low light conditions, as the bride bids her farewell.  For photographic success, it's important to learn how to shoot better. Wedding Photography involves both the need to shoot fast as well as the ability to shoot in low light conditions and interestingly both these situations could also coexist.

Good equipment without a Good Photographer is of no use. Good view without good vision does not make a Good Photograph. Most of the people discuss about the equipment which will be used in a wedding but seldom talk about the photographers who will actually be shooting and creating the wedding pictures you would love and perish forever.

Not everything in a wedding would make a good photograph but as a good candid and creative photographer one would certainly be able to identify and shoot situations which have the potential to make a good photograph.

While some situations may not have enough scope to be creative as these may be straight group shots more for documentations. Weddings provide many other situations which will satisfy the creative urge of a good wedding photographer who understands your style and knows how to blend your style with his own.

The wedding photographers are shooting for you and not just for themselves.

They are an extension of how you would like your wedding pictures and eventually the wedding album to look like. Discuss with them before hand your perspective of wedding photography as well. See to it that the Photographer understands your style. If your ideas do not gel together it may not be a very good idea to go ahead with that particular Photographer. At the same time it also does not make much sense to compare someone else's wedding with yours if it's not on similar lines and level. You cannot expect the same kind of shots, the kind of shots which may have done in a particular lighting and ambience if your wedding is not going to be of the same level. The wedding outfits, lights, decoration, atmosphere, everything adds to the mood of the shot. These are elements around you with which the photographer can play around. Never try to replicate a shot the way it existed in someone else's wedding by some other photographer, though you certainly can draw an inspiration and do it you way and maybe in a better way!

And you may drive your inspiration from a thousand photographs but do not ask your Photographer to straight away copy them. Let him do it his way. There's nothing that's unique. Some one somewhere is doing the same thing again and again but it's great if it's done with the individual photographers unique vision.

You need someone behind the camera who has his own photographic vision and can take your ideas and suggestion further ahead besides adding his own creativity to it.

While your wedding photographer should be able to handle any kind of a situation please do not put too much pressure on him or her for time. The kind of pictures you want, do require time. Not that you are required to hold on and wait for instructions while exchanging rings. These moments need to be caught on the camera more spontaneously but there are other situations which may require your patience.

"Better Wedding photographs" is a very relative term.

A great photograph for the Bride herself may be entirely different from a great photograph for the Photographer. However, you need to learn what it takes to take better photos, regardless of the genre or the end use. You learn to recognise what it means to go beyond simply capturing subjects and creating images that you as well as your client can both be proud of. 

Not all weddings have a situation when the bride is happy and smiling during Doli  /Vidai. While the ambient lights reflect on the front windscreen of the car, the driver was gestured to move aside so that he is not too prominent. The bride was naturaly smiling and she seems to having mixed feeling. The other photographers are shooting through the rear window but this angle was the one which was more candid and spontaneous.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" This is not a regular wedding Photograph. One of the "Together we rock" Photographers shot this moment while close friends were having fun. I could not see her around, when I noticed that she was actually photographing the Bride and the Groom along with their friends from a lower angle right from the middle of the circle of friends. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, Indiawedding photography by "Together we rock" It was interesting to have the rainbow effect along the head of the Bride coincidently matching with the colours of her outfit as well. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India A simple, yet very effective over the shoulder shot of the Bride catches her natural smile with the sparkle in her eyes. One of the candid moments as the Bride gets ready  and waits for the Barat to arrive before she leaves for the wedding ceremony. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India It was important to show the vastness of Pratap palace / The Gateway resort in Ajmer- Rajasthan, the venue for this destination wedding where the couple and the guests specially flew in from Kolkata and Delhi for a grand wedding affair which spread over a number of days with elaborate wedding arrangements. We too had a large team of photographers and cinematographers to cover the mega event from both sides who were al staying at the same place.  Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

I noticed that the ceilings and the pillar formed a triangle and decided to shoot the young couple through this triangle. Adjusting the exposure was a bit of a task but then I feel it was worth it for this "pre wedding shot". This pre wedding shoot was done at Tikli Bottom on the outskirts of Delhi. We shot both photographs and video.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India I could not resist releasing the shutter when I noticed the father sharing some candid emotional thoughts with his daughter who just got engaged. Candid wedding Photography is all about catching different emotions during a wedding. This photograph truly conveys the bond that exists between every father and  daughter.

Above photographs have been shot by the core team of Munish Khanna, a Delhi based Photographer who leads "Together We Rock", a wedding company specialising in Photography and Cinematography

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Looking for a Good Wedding Photographer? Looking for a Good Wedding Photographer ?

Wedding Photography is just Wedding Photography ! Why all the research looking for a good wedding photographer ?

Wedding Photography has always been about boring and typically staged photographs in a very traditional manner. TOGETHER WE ROCK offers Candid Wedding Photography in which the team concentrates more about moments and emotions than just documentation of the wedding. of course you get the complete documentation of the wedding as well. The TOGETHER WE ROCK photographers are passionate about Photography and inclined towards Fine Art and creative aspects of  Wedding Photography. They understand  that there are candid moments going around all over and not just around the Bride and the Groom. Many good Photographers begin and end with the Bride and the Groom.

There is a whole lot which makes the Indian wedding what it is known as - "the Big fat Indian Wedding". Its not just because everything is lavish in term of expenditure but its also grand in terms of the number of relatives, friends and Guests who are present. The Photographs include not just the key people but as many guests and close friends as possible. The TWR Photographers look forward to capture everything going on in the wedding and no wonder they are one of the best known Wedding Photographers in Delhi. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

What is Candid Wedding Photography ? Had never heard this term earlier !

A Candid Wedding Photographer may not ask you to pose. But thats not a rule at "Together We Rock". We are creative at core and the Photographers are flexible enough to switch roles as and when required. Our Wedding Photographers may not ask you to smile but at the same time won't miss that moment when your are smiling or laughing your heart out. They just love to capture moments and keep an eye around to capture whatever candid moments come their way. Its these moments of fun, anxiety joy of having a new person in your life and at the same time the feeling of going away from your near ones. All these mixed emotions on a single day in a span of few hours, captured for ever in the camera of TWR Photographers and cinematographers in both candid and documentation style of Photography.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India Wedding Stories ? How can Photographs be Stories?

Every family is Different. Every couple is Different. The couple gets married but there several stories going around. How they met? Love or Arranged marriage? Made for each other? Emotions ! Sisters and Brothers ! Blessings of Grand parents ! Fun and frivolousness with friends !

All these are untold stories expressed through Photographs. One good photograph is worth a thousand words. As the events unfold several untold stories find their expression through these candid wedding Photographs !


How much do these storytellers cost ? Is it worth spending so much? This is a simple question but with a complex answer. Weddings can be spread over several days or may wind up within few hours. We may be asked to cover the ceremonies of both the Bride and the Groom or represent just one side. The wedding may be in Delhi NCR or a Destination wedding around the Globe. It may be a small affair in a Banquette hall or spread across a huge Farm house, Place or a Fort. Different parameters including the number of wedding Photographer and Videographers involved will eventually help work out the best possible wedding photography Package for you. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

What we prefer not to do ?

Ideally we almost always represent both the Bride and the Groom. We always take up the complete responsibility of wedding Photography as well as Wedding Filming. We can plan better when its only out team taking care of everything as everyone in our team is well experienced and mature enough to handle any kind of a situation. One unprofessional or non cooperative photographer can adversely effect the efforts of our crew so we  highly recommend not to mix different resources. 
One of the best wedding cinematographers in Delhi NCR, India

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Let's get candid about our traditional Indian Wedding Photography ! Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

Let's get candid about our traditional Indian wedding photography !

There is a very thin line between the two. The so called traditional and candid wedding photography. In fact it's very vague to define them as two separate categories and two different photographers specialising and handling these two styles of wedding photography, if we may even call them two different styles. So if you are looking for a good wedding photographer, do not get confused with these terms - Candid wedding photography or Traditional / conventional wedding photography. Look for the Photographer or the Photography company's portfolio in totality. If you feel that the wedding Photography and cinematography of the actual weddings, teasers, Pre wedding shoots and Highlights is close to what you are looking for. Its the right team for you. A lot of ignorant Photographers do not even know the meaning of these two terms. 

Let's check the Dictionary meaning of Candid.

It says- "truthful and straightforward; frank." and that's what this article is about. 

then the Dictionary continues " (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge."

the meaning of traditional -

"existing in or as part of a tradition; long-established."

"produced, done, or used in accordance with tradition."

"habitually done, used, or found."

none of the meanings of "traditional" define it as anything inferior to "Candid". Both are Different. 

Myths about Candid wedding Photography-

One cannot use Flash for Candid photography - In wedding there are so many photographers and so much happening that using or not using a flash has no meaning. Flash fires suddenly and its then that the subject gets aware that a photograph has been taken. So you can still use a flash while taking a candid shot. A candid shot does not essentially have to be a photograph in natural light or without a flash. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi

It was a very spontaneous moment which no one was expecting. Flash was important to freeze the action which may not have been possible otherwise. Interestingly this Young couple from Singapore fell in love with each other while attending their friends wedding, which we were shooting. 

70-200 f 2.8 lens is must for candid wedding Photography - Why? Why not f4 IS? If you wish to be discreet while taking wedding photographs, it can be any long lens and not essentially a 70-200 !! with technology getting more and more sophisticated and advanced, one can increase the ISO of the camera to quite an extent. Having f2.8 is not really a great advantage compared to the weight you may have to carry. IS (Image stabilisation) compared to Non IS lens is more preferred than f2.8 to f4. A lot of wedding photographers buy a f2.8 lens but ignore the IS version as it's more expensive. For the right balance of price I would prefer a f4 lens but with IS as it let's you shoot even with a relatively slower shutter speed and it's not too heavy. Check out which 70-200 is a better lens 

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

Wide angles are not good for Candid wedding Photography - You do not always have to be away and hidden. There are situations during a wedding that you have no choice but to use a wide angle lens. There is so much happening around during a wedding that the wedding couple or the other guests kind of get immune to the presence of photographers around. When you take images with a wide angle, you can still shoot candid moments if you know the art. With a wide angle lens you are within the crowd and in other words a part of the crowd it self and when you shoot candid images with a long lens, you are outside the crowd. Sometimes, you can certainly get better and more natural shots when you shoot from within the scene itself. With a wide angle the image starts from just about where you are and the viewer also gets the feeling of being a part of it. It's not that the bride or any other person in the wedding will not express their emotions if the photographer is around. They have already got immune and indifferent to their presence. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi

A Wide angle lens was used here to photograph the bride who is dancing amongst the other ladies. 

Can't get Candid photographs when people are Posing - When people are posing they are of course not expecting Candid picture but yes, you do have an opportunity and chance to get some in-between candid shots. While they are preparing to pose or when they are off guard after the pose, they may be at their natural best. Not every natural picture may work. Some people when not posing or facing the camera may look awkward.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"

It was one of those "in between" moments which were caught on the camera as the bride takes care of the Groom's Turban. 

Not everyone apreciates candid pictures. Some people may feel that the photographer should have told them before clicking the photograph so that they could ensure that everything is fine. "Candid wedding Photography" has lately become a very popular statement in Indian weddings and people ask and offer candid wedding photography without even realising the actual meaning and purpose of it.

This is also the Photographer's art and his eye to release the shutter just at the right moment, the one that makes an interesting shot and not an embarrassment for the subject.

The key word is Art or Artistic. It's all about being creative and spontaneous. How artistic or creative you are! It's not about traditional or candid wedding photography. Its about situations during a wedding ceremony which need to be approached in a more conventional or traditional manner and situations which have a scope of shooting them more naturally or in a candid manner.  Best Wedding photographer in Delhi

And for God's sake close shots of the bride's hands, the decoration, the detail of her bridal outfit, Tight shot of the groom exchanging rings with the Bride or putting "sindoor" in the Bride's head are certainly not "Candid" shots. :-) as many Photographers and clients call it.

Look for good creative work without getting confused with the terms traditional or Candid Photography.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Let's explore Pre wedding shoots The pre wedding photo shoot can be overlooked when couples about to get married or their parents are checking out for good wedding photographers. They are concentrating on the actual wedding ceremonies especially when the parents are looking for a wedding Photographer who is going to play a key role as the events unfold during the grand Indian wedding saga. Since the Photography team documents everything, it's important to hire a Photographer who is both technically and visually strong in his photography.

Pre wedding shoots have become an integral part of the wedding ceremonies, not officially though! Many people are not aware of this concept and many do it just because others have done is or they have heard about it. If you are not the kind of person who would like to be photographed, it's not really always necessary to go for a pre wedding shoot. On the other hand, you may get it done your way and keep it for your own memory rather than sharing it over the social media just because others are doing so.

Let's explore what exactly is a Pre wedding Shoot for those who do not know ( I wonder if there are any ) It's a photo session of the couple who is going to get married very soon. This is one of the several activities which a couple goes through during their courtship. With an increase in the presence of social media and also the manner in which people love to share their photographs and update what's going on in their lives, the young couples look out for professional Fashion photographers or good candid wedding photographers to shoot their photographs in different outfits and locations. Some couples do it more naturally while other like to do it in a more made-up fashion. But then there is nothing wrong about it. This the age to indulge in all such activities and it's of course great fun for both the couple as well as for the photographer for whom this is an opportunity to express his or her creativity to the best.

If you are sure about your wedding photographer, you may go for a weeding photography package which includes a pre wedding shoot package as well. If you are unsure as yet, you may go for a good well established photographer to shoot your pre wedding moments together without any obligation to shoot the wedding. A lot of good commercial or fashion photographers may do your "Couple Portfolio" but do not have a good team to shoot the wedding. At "Together we Rock" we have a complete set up. While Munish, has a vast experience to shoot fashion and portfolios besides other commercial work, he has a well experience team of good wedding photographers and videographers to shoot the wedding.

Pre wedding shoots also let you be more relaxed stress free in terms of photography as compared to the photo sessions on the actual day of the wedding which is usually quite a busy day with a whole lot of things going on. It's never too late! If you missed it before the wedding, nothing stops you from getting a good photo session done, which may technically not a pre wedding shoot but a collection of good photographs for your own memory for you to cherish in the years to come. Many people get such photo shoots done on their wedding anniversaries or other such occasions. 

Pre wedding shoot also gives you a good chance to understand the working and approach of your wedding photographer and his/her team of assistants, second camera person, cinematographer and the Editor. Although you may have already seen their previous work related to weddings, this gives you a a first hand experience of how they work. Are the professional ? Are they friendly at the same time ? It's very important for a good photographer to strike the righ balance between being professional and being friendly. While rules are important and relevant for both the couple and the photographer, its good to be flexible as well based on your relationship. If you feel the team is not very cooperative, you still have some time to replace them with some other good photographers.

A pre wedding shoot is also an opportunity for the photographer to know and interact with you. To know your likes and dislikes. It gives them an idea about the kind of editing / retouching you prefer on your images. The kind of poses you love to go for. How photogenic you are and what are the angles that work better for you.

Also you can have a good collection of your photographs with your fiancé, the way you are in every day life rather than just have the images shot as the bride and the groom on the wedding day. You can be more casual and relaxed about the whole affair but it's unto you if you wish to be more elaborate and make it more formal and indian.

These pre wedding photographs can be used on the invitations, as a "Save the Date" message or a video. The video can be shown at your reception party or displayed at the venue on the day of the wedding. For whats App - Invitation There are different locations specifically available for pre wedding shoots. However, I personally feel, its very important to incorporate the actual locations, like the restaurant, where you first met or dated. Places you visited together or activities you indulged in together. But practically speaking usually its not possible to shoot at al the places due to restrictions on permission to shoot at all locations and many other limitations. But something like this would certainly relate to you much more than just going to a made-up location and do what others have been doing. But then that's entirely the couple's call. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"

]]> (Best Wedding Photographers of Delhi, India -TWR) pre wedding shoot cost in delhi best pre wedding shoots in delhi best wedding photographers in delhi bets photographers for pre wedding shoots Fri, 18 Aug 2017 09:29:10 GMT
This is the time of pre wedding shoots and films This is the time of Pre wedding shoots and films! 


With changing times the wedding trends and especially the wedding photography trends and styles have also changed and changed for better. There is more awareness today and modern couples do not meet on the wedding day after their first formal arranged meeting. There is usually a courtship period when the couples can meet and interact for better understanding which helps build up a strong relationship as they get married. Getting a Pre Wedding shoot has picked up so much that it has become almost an additional wedding ceremony before the formal wedding. A lot of couples prefer a destination wedding in India or abroad. Both the Families and their relatives travel to a destination and the wedding takes place in an exotic resort, a Royal palace or a beautiful beach. Reaching there a few days or a day earlier gives a good opportunity to do an extended pre wedding shoot on the new location with new backdrops of a fort or a beach. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

The couple was photographed by "Together We Rock" at Tikli Bottom in Delhi NCR

A pre wedding shoot not only gives the couple a chance to interact with each other but they also get to know the Photographer and his or her team as well. This rapport with the team eventually helps during the actual wedding and everything goes smoothly as planned.

This is the time when you can freely discuss your ideas and concepts with the photographer. Once the photographer knows what is going on in your mind, he can suggest you the whole plan for the pre weddig shoot accordingly. You may go for a more elaborate shoot with a lot of costume changes in a Bollywood style along with a grand location or you may go for something more personal and intimate in a simple cozy and warm setting. Your pre wedding shoot can be more on the Fun side or more on the romantic side. Ofcourse it can be good combination of both. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi

However, creative or good your wedding photographer may be, it's always a good idea to discuss your viewpoint with him. After all he is shooting for you and not for himself. Discuss the kind of phoographs you like and how you visualise yourself to be in your pre wedding shoot. You may want to go for what a lot of other couples have been going for or you may want to do it your own way. You may be more inclined towards Photography as compared to the video or vice versa.

You are not models, so the photographer can't dictate the poses and concepts to you. All these things must come naturally to you and a good Photographer will be able to pick up the best in you. It's more of an art and you should trust your wedding photographer for this. A good photographer should be able to make you both comfortable and help you get the right expressions and postures, which compliment your own personality.

A lot of young couples love to add a pre wedding film as well. This may have Candid and spontaneous interviews or very well prepared speeches. Be natural. Candid is always better and you will relish it more in years to come.

The Pre wedding Film may revolve around close chemistry of the couple. Or this may be choreographed around a famous bollywood or Hollywood number of the couples choice. This can be shot along with the photographs or on a separate day exclusively kept for the film. A lot of factors play a role here. How much time you have in hand. How much are you planning to spend? what exactly are you looking for? Discuss these points with your Photography and videography team and they should be able to guide you with all the details. Some of the common locations in Delhi for a Pre wedding shoot are Lodhi garden, Hauz Khas Village, Humayun's tomb but these places certainly can be very crowded and generally not very comfortable for the couple. Since these cane be very crowded especially on a weekend a lot of people prefer foreign locations in Europe or nearby Thailand. Quite a few specific locations have come up in delhi NCR specially for Pre Wedding shoots. These can be hired for your pre wedding shoot and you get all the privacy needed to pose in front of the camera. Some of the well known ones are Studio Future ForwardThe Perfect LocationTikli BottomPicture Destination, Love city. There are various sets available at these locations and one can shoot at any of these which the couple likes. The storyline , clothes and theme can be worked out around the sets which are available and these can be pre planed to save on time on the day of the pre wedding shoot. Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, IndiaPre wedding shoot by Munish Khanna - Together we rock

Humayun's tomb was the location for this pre wedding shoot.


Pre wedding Film HT

The video above was shot at The picture Destination in Delhi NCR.

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What is the right wedding outfit for me? One big question that arises when you are about to begin the new blissful journey of your life "wedding" is -  "what is the right wedding outfit for me ?"

It's is not so difficult to decide the wedding outfit, once you zero down the month in which you are getting married. It helps you decide the colour scheme and fabric of your wedding attire. For summers you may go for lighter colours while darker colours work better in winters. Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Rich deep colours look better in winters as compared to lighter tones, which stand out better in Summers.

Then see what are your favourite colours and keep in mind the colours which your better half, the Groom likes as you would like to wear what pleases him as well. You want to look beautiful as a bride, not just for yourself but for him also.

Once the colour is decided, plan the jewellery as well. Based on the kind of jewellery you decide, your designer can design the outfit accordingly. If it's a contemporary piece then you can go for an Indian wedding outfit and if it's a modern piece of jewellery then you may plan to wear an Indo-western outfit.

Most importantly, one should choose the silhouette according to the body shape. If you are thin then try to wear a little flowy outfit so that it adds some mass to your figure. on the other hand if you are towards heavier side, then go for fabrics which are not very heavy. Prefer single and dark colours which always makes one look slimmer.

You may also coordinate the colours with that of what the Groom is wearing. Keep in mind the colour scheme and theme of the wedding decor as well. If the overall theme is modern, more traditional indian wear may not look in place. Go for more modern  wedding outfits. Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi"wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India"

Shot at Samode Palace in rajasthan both the Bride and the Groom are wearing well coordinated outfits going well with the traditional and royal ambience of the Palace.

But one main thing which you should always remember is - " Never loose your essence and Individuality" Don't just copy someone else! Be what you are. And you should look what you are. Wear what you are most comfortable wearing and which compliments your own personality.

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi, India

Set in Summers, at the Imperial Hotel, the colours of the bride's outfit are both lighter and brighter! 

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Once upon a Spa Setting up this particular shot was not very simple as there was very limited space. The most important feature of a spa is its relaxing mood and atmosphere. Candles form an integral part of a warm and cozy lighting. I decided to take the photograph from top without actually showing the size of the room. Arranged a step ladder so as to create sufficient distance between the subject and the Camera. This enabled me to use a relatively longer focal length as compared to a shorter focal length which I may have to use if I was closer to the subject. The strobe light was balanced with the existing ambient light of the candles. One needs to play around with the Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO to strike the right balance between two different kind of lighting - the daylight balanced flash and the lower colour temperature of the candles. Just the candles would have made the image too yellowish in tone. The strobe, reduces this yet when balanced well keeps the right warmth in the photograph. vlcc spa - munish khanna photographyvlcc spaVLCC spa and Beauty photos shot by Munish khanna

Shot on Canon EOS 5D mark III with the focal length of 55mm on a 24-105mm lens. f10 at 1/30th of a sec (ISO 200) along with a strobe light helped create the required warmth. One can also tweak the white balance on the camera itself or later on through your RAW convertor to achieve the right white balance. The "right white balance" here does not mean the technically right white balance but the one which aesthetically gives the right visual effect.

vlcc spa_006856vlcc spa_006856VLCC spa and Beauty photos shot by Munish

In contrast this photograph had a different kind of relaxing mood to give the feeling of a spa. The lighting is not warm but is soft and soothing.

Above photographs for VLCC spa, have been shot by Munish Khanna, a Delhi based Fashion, Wedding and Advertising Photographer who has undertaken several Advertising Assignments for leading Brands and continues to shoot on high end Medium format cameras with best lighting equipment. Munish has participated in several Photography exhibitions around the world and since a long time has been conducting Photography courses in Delhi along with a complete online photography course. He runs a Successful Wedding Photography and Cinematography company, "Together We Rock", which caters to weddings around the globe.

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Romancing the Pre wedding Shoot What are Pre wedding shoots ? Why not simply call them a Couple's Portfolio. That's what I have been calling it since ages. It's simply a Photography session of a couple together and of course it can be any time and not necessarily before the wedding. It could also be between friends! What's wrong in having some good photographs with your Boy friend or Girl friend? Traditionally in India, it's only fine to declare when you have intentions of getting married or more precisely when your marriage gets fixed.

Why not a "post" wedding shoot after you get married? Why not on your first anniversary? or even Years later. Interestingly, we end up calling it Family Portraits for photographs shot after the wedding.

In India in recent times their has been a boom of Pre wedding Shoots and has almost become one of the key ceremonies and people give it as much importance to other ceremonies like Engagement, mehndi and Sagan.

Our well equipped studio gives you the privacy and you feel more relaxed as compared to shooting on the streets. The settings can range from more romantic to Fun Pre wedding shoot by Munish Khanna - Together we rock Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Monuments work out as a good and effective backdrop for pre wedding shoots, especially when the couple is not Indian. This Chinese couple was photographed at Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi.

Taj Mahal is synonym for True Love and a very sought after location for Pre wedding Shoots. No wonder this NRI couple made it a point to get their photographs clicked at Taj Mahal in Agra. One can either plan a day trip and shoot over the day or plan an overnight trip to Agra, if shooting at sunrise is a priority and you want to keep it more relaxed.

Outside India, Paris is known for lovers coming from around the world. This young couple from Turkey was shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna  

Nothing to beat, shooting on the streets especially areas where you had been dating around. However, do remember, Malls and your favourite hangouts may not allow you to shoot. One can however shoot around on the streets and markets. If you are not effected by the crowds, you can do a lot with the actual surroundings and environment. Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Swimming pools are ideal for a pre wedding shoot especially in summers. "Together We Rock" is fully equipped to take your photographs or make a film underwater as well. So if you a swimming buff, we can help you shoot under water as well. 

Its also a very a good idea to invest in a good location. There are some well designed locations in and around Delhi, which are available for a day to shoot your Pre wedding shoot. Some of the well known ones are Studio Future Forward, The Perfect Location, Tikli Bottom, Picture Destination

Further to all this, when you plan your pre wedding shoot or Film, there are a lot of things which you may want to keep in mind. Will be discussing all that in a different section  

Munish Khanna is a seasoned advertising and fashion photographer who is running a complete wedding Photography and Videography company heading a team of very creative professional photographers.

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wedding photography FAQs Q and A

In general, there are so many questions and misconceptions related to wedding photography. Get some of those answered below. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask.

Q How many photographers will cover the functions?

Less is more. It is not important to have more number of photographers but the right number of good photographers. Many times when the number of photographers is too high, you end of seeing more of them then the guests in the pictures.

Q what kind of wedding photography is covered?

Both documentary and conventional style of wedding photography is covered together.

Q who all are included in the team?

We have only one package and all our clients get the same importance. Everybody in our team is equal and strives to achieve the same perfection in their work. The photos and videos, that you see on this website belong to the team and not an individual. Shalini and Munish are constantly involved in every stage of the process, be it shooting, editing, processing or the fine tuning of the final results. However, as a conscious decision, they do not shoot themselves to ensure that everything is directed well and runs smoothly as required. It's all about the team, which is why it is "Together we rock"

Q Why is it better to hire the same company to cover the functions of both the bride and the groom.

Not only does it make everything more economical for you, it also improves the overall coordination between different photographers covering the ceremonies. A lot of recordings are common which can be utilized on both the sides. While the teams may share common footage, they are headed by very talented photographers who work independent of each other rendering their own unique style to the photography and videography. Further, two independent designers design the coffee table books to give it a distinct identity, while keeping some common style to indicate the same wedding. Overall besides better output you save 35% of your hard earned money.

Q How are the savings calculated?

If you book 6 months in advance, you save more. If you book both sides together as well, you have additional savings. This is how it works. The number of months you book in advance, the number of thousands you save. Book 24 months in advance and save 24000. Book 6 months in advance and you save 6000 and so on.

Q what equipment is used?

Although it is the talent of the photographers which matters the most, we use only the best available equipment of international standards.

Photography- High resolution Canon and Nikon cameras

videography- Sony Ex3, Ex5 canon 5d mark III /II , 70D or equivalent.  ( we do not use any camera which is not high definition) 

Q What are the add ons?

If you choose a particular package you may add on features from the other package. You can also change the quantities. Additional price applies.

Q Can packages be customised?

Yes, the packages can be customised.  The package prices mentioned are estimated prices and once you choose the package an exact price is quoted to you based on your requirements.

Q Can i mix high definition video with normal to save cost ?

A- Due to technical reasons it is not possible to mix the two.

Q How do I make the payments?

50% advance is required to block and confirm the dates. remaining 40% is to be paid at the end of the first ceremony. 10% needs to be cleared against the delivery of the books and dvds. Both cheques and cash are accepted.

How to confirm?

Many people confirm the dates over the phone or an email. We may block the dates for you, but do not guarantee that your dates are blocked unless an advance is received. If someone else pays before you do, we may not be able to provide you the services. In other words, bookings are confirmed strictly on the basis of advance payments.

Do you cover weddings out of Delhi NCR or India?

Yes, anywhere in this world. However, based on the location, special rates apply instead of the ones mentioned above. A customised package is worked out based on the destination and requirement. Getting the visa is never a problem for any of the team members. 

I have received quotes from other photographers which are lower than yours?

Please do not compare prices in terms of quantity. Photographers may offer their services at a lower cost but it will certainly show in the quality of their work. For your project, we involve only the best, be it the highly skilled photographers or the world class equipment. Its the talent and the skill you are paying for and not the number of cameras or lights used. So evaluate the photography and base your final decision on that and not just a lower cost. 




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